EATS: Montreal

Hello everyone! I hadn’t really been to Montreal before (1 hour lunch break on the way back from Quebec City with colleagues doesn’t count!) and the HF hadn’t been since he was in high school so we were excited to plan a trip (albeit short) to this amazing city. Our focus obviously was food and Montreal did not disappoint. This post is food pic heavy so if you’re hungry – grab a snack first because I am starving while writing this LOL.
On our first night, we had dinner at Tacos Frida. According to our friend who lives there, this is the most authentic taco spot around. It was only a 10-15 minute walk from our Airbnb (my first time booking one of those too!) and it was awesome. The main reason we were interested was because we had read their tacos were not only delicious, but extremely affordable ranging from $2.75 – $3.50.

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EATS: Pokeh x Rony’s Pop-up 2.0

Hello everyone! When I heard that Shayne and Salar Madadi of Pokeh were doing another pop-up at Rony’s, I was immediately in. The HF and I had a fantastic time at their last one in January and this one was going to have an Asian street food theme (Salar was very inspired by his recent travels through Asia) so I was excited.
The first course was a Cambodian bar snack of peanuts with lemongrass, kaffir lime, chili, shallots, but with a slight Canadian twist with a drizzle of maple syrup mixed in. I’m not one to eat peanuts on their own, but this mix was highly addictive. Sweet and savoury with a hint of heat, I could eat handfuls of this all day. The next course was the popular Thai curry dish of Khao Soi. The HF and I first tried this at Pintoh and immediately fell in love with the delicious coconut curry broth. The Pokeh guys definitely did this justice with the fantastic broth and noodles. Fun story: I was speaking very animatedly with our table mates (we were seated with some strangers who became new friends) and I accidentally knocked my hand into the waitress who had a bowl of Khao Soi in her hand and it went crashing to the floor. I was mortified and felt so bad (I literally almost cried) and apologized profusely. Fortunately they had a few extras so no one had to miss out on this delicious dish.  Continue reading

Great Summer Skin Starts With Palmer’s Coconut Oil* (+ IG GIVEAWAY!)

Hello everyone! It has been a minute because I’ve been enjoying my first full week of summer off and to be honest – I left my laptop at home while I’ve been staying in Hamilton. Anyway, thank you for your patience and I’m excited to share with you the new Coconut Oil Formula range from Palmer’s which is absolutely perfect for these hot summer days when you’re showing more skin! You may be familiar with their most popular item of all time (or at least the one I’ve seen the most), Cocoa Butter. I always found it a bit on the thicker side which is why I wasn’t a frequent user, however their new line is pretty great. This range includes a body lotion, body oil, and a facial oil. I was a little bit iffy first on the ideas of oils because in past experiences I’ve found that they didn’t absorb fully and I’d be an oily mess. That and everyone and their grandmother’s have been hyping up coconut oil (like just straight up from the tub) so I’ve been somewhat disinterested. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well both the body and facial oils absorbed into my skin and how long they kept me looking smooth and hydrated. I also love the fact that they are thinner than applying a body lotion or face cream, which is fantastic during these extremely hot and humid months. That being said, I do enjoy the scent of the body lotion, and will definitely be more inclined to use it when the weather is cooler. My favourite of the bunch is definitely the facial oil as it kept my natural oils balanced and kept my skin looking moisturized and feeling super soft all day. If you love the scent of coconut and are looking for skincare that is free of harsh chemicals and ethically and sustainably sourced, you should absolutely give this range a try.

***GOOD NEWS! I’ve partnered with Palmer’s to give YOU the opportunity to try all 3 of these products! To enter, click on this link to my Instagram contest post and you can enter to win 1 of 3 prize packs which include all 3 of the products reviewed in this post. This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only; please read the entire contest post for more details.***

The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula range (approx. $6-$10 CDN) is available now online at

Have you tried Palmer’s products before? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by!

DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post were provided for the purposes of testing and review. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the brand or any of its affiliates. This is not a sponsored post nor does it contain any affiliate links.


Hello everyone! This product is known to most nail techs in the industry however it is not so well known to anyone who’s not. I first discovered Dadi Oil through my friend Kate of Nail Kandy and every nail tech I talk to highly recommends it as well. But what is this magical oil with the funny name?

From Dadi’Oil offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration and a clean, light aroma made up of 21 essential oils. The benefits of Dadi’ Oil include:

  • Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply.
  • Enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness.
  • Long-lasting color stability and shelf-life. Compare the color to other products…no comparison!
  • Great moisturizer for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration.
  • Why use non-certified oils when you can have 95% certified organic Dadi’®Oil?

PROS: Smells like gummy bears (LOL to me at least) and penetrates through the nails to fully nourish and strengthen. Also moisturizes the cuticles.
CONS: Not the most convenient to apply as it applies like a nail polish (with a brush) so it’s not something you can necessarily do several times a day. Also a bit challenging to find (unless you frequent higher end nail salons.)
Would I repurchase? Absolutely! I like applying it at night before bed so that it can work its magic overnight. My nails are stronger and healthier because of it. I also really like the lotion since it has all the benefits of the oil, however more convenient to use after handwashing as a regular hand lotion (but again, hard to find and the lotion is a bit pricey in comparison to conventional lotions.)

I can’t seem to find a Canadian retailer but I buy mine from Nail Kandy located at Lift Salon (179 King Street East) in Toronto. I’ve also seen the small bottles being sold at Raw Beauty Bar (3830 Bloor Street West) in Etobicoke.

If you know of anywhere else that carries Dadi Oil, please let me know in the comments!

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MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop!*

Hello everyone! I’m a huge fan of sheet masks because of the convenience and the overall effect after using them. I was so happy when MaskerAide Beauty recently reached out to me to send me some of their top selling masks as well as some new products! My favourite of the new releases is definitely the Bubble Bubble Pop! mask.  Continue reading

Decorté x Saks Launch

Hello everyone! I was recently invited to attend the launch of Decorté’s new colour collection at Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens. I had never actually heard of this brand before, but was very intrigued since it is owned by the #1 skincare company in Japan (Kosé.) I, along with a few other influencers had a fantastic dining experience at Beaumont Kitchen while learning about this amazing brand. Decorté collaborates with Nobel Prize-winning laboratories to ensure they have the newest and most innovative technology to benefit your skin (fun fact: they were the first company to actually create facial serums.) All of their products are created with skincare as the first priority – and it really shows. The Japanese philosophy on foundation is that it is considered to be the last step in your skincare routine – meaning it should act as something that nourishes your skin with a bit of colour.  Continue reading

Current Beauty Favourites

Hello everyone! It’s been a while but if you’ve been following me throughout the years – you know that it’s a bit of a challenge to blog regularly during the school year. The good news is that summer is just around the corner so I’ll be able to focus on my blog more. Anyway, I figured I would share my current beauty favourites! 

-Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Foundation Primer ($50 CDN) – This primer makes my skin glow and works really well even on its own. It smooths, it brightens, and keeps my makeup on all day.
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in Light-Medium Neutral ($47 CDN) – This was my go-to a few years ago, not surprisingly because Estee Lalonde had mentioned it several times on her channel. I love it because as the weather gets warmer, I want my skin to be as light as possible in terms of product and I just wanted to take a break from liquid foundations. This one is a loose powder which provides buildable medium coverage.
-Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium ($22 CDN – purchased at their Toronto pop-up) – To be honest, this is just the concealer that I’m using now because it’s the right shade and I need to use it up before buying a new one. I do enjoy that it’s lightweight and helps conceal redness as well as dark circles, however I think I’d prefer a traditional wand + bottle as opposed to a little pot. It’s a fine concealer – I would possibly repurchase if they came back to Toronto, but I probably wouldn’t order it online (US $$ + shipping.)
-Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amreezy Highlighter ($36 CDN, LE) – I first wrote about this magical highlighter a couple of months back since it was an early birthday present to myself. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available anymore but this highlighter is probably one of the best I’ve used in a while.
-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Brilliant Nude ($45 CDN) – I bought this because Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog wrote about it as an Unsung Makeup Hero. I love it because it looks super natural however gives my cheeks a healthy glow along with just a touch of warm colour. It blends beautifully and would highly recommend it!
-Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Waterproof Mascara (approx. $6-$10 CDN) – I like the more slender and curved brush with this newer addition to the Lash Sensational range. The waterproof formula definitely helps keep my lashes curled; however this does not add volume. The effect is pretty and more natural this way.

All of the products mentioned are available at Sephora with the exception of Glossier (online only for Canada) and Maybelline (which can be found at your local drugstore!) Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, or if you also share any of these favourites!

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