OOAK Winter 2018

Hello everyone! The One of a Kind Show and Sale is back at the Enercare Centre for the Winter installment, and if you’re more conscious about shopping local and supporting Canadian made goods, then this is the place to be. I’ve rounded up some new vendors along with my returning favourites for this post – and I’ll be doing my shopping at the Late Night Shopping event on Thursday, Nov 29 (when OOAK stays open until 11pm!) Continue reading

A Tale of 2 Cities: Coffee

Hello everyone! Most people who know me know that although I live in Brampton, the majority of my time is spent either in Toronto or Hamilton. Over the last 2 years, I finally became a little bit of a coffee drinker (in the sense that I now drink vanilla lattes with either almond or oat milk.) I’ve also enjoyed trying out small coffee shops because the HF is all into the indie Canadian coffee roasters and I have some definite favourites.

In Toronto, my favourite coffee shop is Strange Love Coffee (101 Spadina Ave.) Their original location is located near King and Spadina, however they now have 2 other shops (near Summerhill as well as Queen West.) I love their “Lover’s Latte” which is made with tonka bean syrup so flavour wise it’s kind of like vanilla, however I find it slightly more floral/aromatic in a great way. The name is because tonka beans are allegedly an aphrodisiac  LOL. They regularly carry Phil and Seb beans and usually also have a monthly feature roaster and they most beautiful pastries.

My other favourite shop in Toronto is located right in Union Station and is probably the most popular local roaster. Pilot Coffee is a must for me if I ever take the train into Union; their coffee is delicious, their baristas are consistent in making great lattes, and the service is very fast. My usual order is an oat milk vanilla latte (used to get almond milk but now they have Oatly which is delish!)

In Hamilton, my most frequently visited coffee shop is Emerald Coffee Co. Located at 340 Barton Street E (right at Barton and Emerald), this shop just recently partnered with Pilot Coffee however still carries beans from Fernwood Coffee (from BC) as well. They also have a great selection of treats including weekly Donut Monster offerings as well as Eric’s Crafted Butter Tarts. AND as if that wasn’t enough – they sell house designed Hamilton swag and carry awesome retail goods made by local artisans. Main order: almond vanilla latte, however their seasonal Hazelnut Latte has been my main order lately.

Finally, my other go-to in Hamilton is Redchurch Cafe + Gallery. Parking is a bit of a challenge near 68 King Street E which one of the major deterrents for me, however I am always ecstatic when I manage to find a spot. Almond vanilla lattes are consistently great and if you manage to get there when their chocolate chip cookies are cooling, GET (at least) ONE. They have the BEST chocolate chip cookies in Hamilton. They serve and carry beans from De Mello Palheta (another fantastic Toronto roaster) and they also serve actual food (though I have yet to pop in for lunch!)

What are your favourite coffee shops in the 6 or HamOnt? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by!



Hello everyone! I recently went back to NYC (if you recall – I went 2 years ago!) and of course, I had to eat ALL OF THE THINGS. This time was even more food fueled because I went with my favourite dining partner (the HF, obviously) and 2 of our friends. This post is very photo heavy so if you’re hungry, as per usual, grab a snack or you’ll be regretting it by the end.

We arrived in the late afternoon and after checking in to our hotel, we decided to hop on the subway to Bleecker Street. We walked up toward Greenwich Village and our first stop was Favela Cubana for happy hour.  Continue reading

On Hiatus

Hey everyone!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been posting less and less frequently.

I am officially on hiatus for the time being, for several reasons:

1. I don’t wear as much makeup as frequently because I teach phys ed – really, just brows and liner on the daily, and unless I’m going somewhere special, I rarely wear any makeup at all on weekends

2. Due to reason 1, I’m also not buying all sorts of makeup these days so there’s nothing too interesting to report on

3. My focus right now is mostly on my social media accounts (@StaygorgeousLC on Twitter and Instagram) so if you like my content, I hope you’ll follow me if you don’t already!

4. I’m really trying to use what I have instead of accumulating even more, so while I’m going to try to take photos and write reviews, these posts will probably be sporadic – especially during the school year where work takes priority

I will be back some time in the future; I just needed to finally give myself permission to take a step back and admit that my blog isn’t in my current list of priorities to be fair to my readers as well as the wonderful brands and PR companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I had been feeling a lot of guilt yet still couldn’t find the motivation to blog regularly anymore since the backlog seemed insurmountable.

This is not the end!

EATS: CNE 2018

Hello everyone! The end of summer is near and of course that means a trip to the CNE. While the trend of wild and excess is still hot, the HF and I are not trend-chasers when it comes to food. Now I’m no stranger to doing it for the ‘gram, but really – just because it looks wacky and contains a plethora of ingredients doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be good, and at this point in my life, I don’t want to waste money on something that is likely going to be mediocre at best. ANYWAY. I knew as soon as I saw Shook Noodle on social media that I needed to give it a try. From the people who brought you Yatai (home of the ramen burger in the food buiding), they’re offering the perfect portable bowl of ramen. It occurred to me after I had begun eating that I should’ve taken a pic without the lid…oops! You choose your protein, broth/sauce, and toppings and have the option of adding an onsen tamago (sous-vide super soft barely-poached egg!) I went for chashu pork, shoyu broth, and every topping except bean sprouts…there was bamboo, mushrooms, cilantro, corn….and a few others I can’t recall. The only tip I have for this is that while you may be inclined to use chopsticks because it’s ramen, I actually suggest using a fork because the chopsticks are a little too long and hit the sides of the container a lot which makes it a bit of a challenge to eat efficiently. OH – and yes, you’re supposed to shake the container before eating. Would absolutely recommend, especially if you don’t go out for ramen a lot (or even if you do!)

Continue reading