Top 5 Picks from The Truth Beauty Company

Hello everyone! As I’ve mentioned before, green beauty is really blowing up and I’ve decided that in terms of skincare, I will officially be all green once my Kiehl’s runs out. My go-to store for all things natural and organic is The Truth Beauty Company. If you haven’t read my overview or watched my recent haul, please refer to this post. If you’re newer to natural and organic products, it can be really overwhelming and you may even experience price tag shock since as we all know, you can get conventional drugstore skincare for a fraction of the cost. In terms of quality, performance, and even ethical production – you really cannot compare these products. Anyway, as mentioned in my haul video, The Truth Beauty Company has generously created a coupon code for you to get 15% off your online purchase which I’ve included at the end of this post. I figured it would be helpful however to share with you my top 5 picks from Truth Beauty to help you start filling your online cart!1. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Bergamot + Lime ($12.95 CDN) – I was very curious about natural deodorants especially since I was not very impressed with the popular Lavanila. In the past, I had only seen other natural deodorants in paste/liquid form and I had no desire to slather my pits every day with my hands (no judgment!) When I saw the Schmidt’s range on display I was intrigued and when I smelled the Bergamot and Lime scent, I knew I needed it in my life! According to Paige (one of the Truth Beauty experts who was working that day), they had just been set out and were already flying off the shelves. While of course it doesn’t have the typical 48 hour lasting power claim (which really…are you not showering for 2 days?) it does the trick for a full day including a sweaty gym session. One thing to be mindful of however – if you’ve just shaved your underarms, be gentle when applying this since it does contain granules which will be abrasive if you apply too forcefully (trust me, I did this and it was a slightly painful few days.) All in all, a fantastic natural deodorant that is still less expensive and more effective than Lavanila.

2. Fig+Yarrow Clay Mask {Gold} ($24.95 CDN) – I was already a fan of Fig+Yarrow’s Cardamom and Coffee Scrub (yes because of Estee Lalonde) so I knew that their products were of great quality. In my great journey into the world of face masks, I decided to pick up a jar of this gold clay. While it does not look particularly pretty on your face, the effect is well worth it. You mix this with water (or if you’re feeling fancy, honey and yogurt) and spread it evenly around your face and wait for it to dry (about 10-15 minutes.) When dry, I take a warm wet towel to take it off and my skin is left feeling hydrated, smooth, and supple. Perfect for #SaturdayNightSkincare sessions or any time you want to relax and rejuvenate.

3. Cocoon Apothecary Magic Bean Body Lotion ($24.95 CDN) – If you have no interest in smelling absolutely delicious I suppose you can pass on this one. It’s a dark chocolate scented body lotion that is made in Kitchener, Ontario with all certified organic ingredients! It is lightweight, not greasy, and quick-absorbing. This was an impulse buy with my last haul but I am so glad I picked it up.

4. Graydon Berry Rich Cream ($31.95 CDN) – Based in the Riverdale community of Toronto, Graydon focuses on clinical luxury using the finest natural ingredients. The Berry Rich cream is made with Canadian berry seed oils (and it has a faint scent of berries – I wasn’t hallucinating!) and can also double as an eye cream. It is as the name suggests, very rich however not heavy and also absorbs into the skin beautifully. This is definitely my new HG face cream!

5. Wildcraft Calm and Cleanse Makeup Remover ($21.95 CDN) – This product can actually double as a makeup remover and a cleansing oil (especially for people who have yet to discover the greatness that are cleansing oils.) It is made with chamomile and honey and also witch hazel which helps draw out impurities in the skin. The main idea to keep in mind with this one is that because it separates, you have to make sure you shake it every time you use it, or else the witch hazel may be a bit too harsh. I mentioned this in my video, but I love that this does not sting and removes waterproof eye makeup beautifully – AND there’s no need to rinse! I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of using the conventional makeup removers and want to keep their skincare as green as possible.

If you’re interested in any of these products, please feel free to shop and use the code StayGorgeous for 15% off your online purchase! If you spend over $75, you can also use their free shipping code (Free75) on top of the 15% off to get the best deal! (Yes you read that correctly – you can stack these codes.) They ship all throughout Canada and the US (so American chums, take advantage of that exchange rate!) Please feel free to share your haul with me and support small business and of course, green beauty! If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP.

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The Truth Beauty Company: Spotlight & Haul

Hello everyone! I’d mentioned The Truth Beauty Company briefly before but haven’t properly introduced you to the magic that is this shop. Located in uptown Waterloo and sharing the same building as the Princess Cinemas, The Truth Beauty Company is a calming oasis of all things green and beautiful.As soon as you walk down the stairs you can smell all of the lovely naturally fragranced products and I don’t know if you’ll have the same reaction, but I instantly feel relaxed and ready to explore the shelves every time I visit. From Truth Beauty is Beauty for the conscious – your eco beauty shop, stocked with safe & effective products only. We curate our space to include only the clean & passionate. The products are as truthfully & beautifully made as possible, perform or out perform conventional, and are packaged exquisitely & with care. After all, all that lasts is Truth & Beauty.    You can find so many different beauty and skincare items, from facial care to baby care, and there is even a section for men’s products.
Green makeup brands (and adorable makeup bags!) are also available and definitely growing in popularity. Here you can find brands like Vapour, Fitglow, and Ilia among several others.Owner and founder, Jennifer Freitas, is a prime example of the #girlboss. She is so passionate about everything she carries in her store and definitely ensures you leave feeling 100% confident with your purchase. Product knowledge is key and she (along with her staff) definitely deliver. I have never regretted anything I’ve bought from this store.
So if you’re interested in The Truth Beauty Company/green beauty – you are in luck! They have generously provided a promo code for all of you to get 15% off your online purchase. They ship all across Canada and the United States (sorry international friends!) and hey to our neighbours down south: the exchange rate is currently in your favour so you’ll save even more! What is the code you ask? You’ve gotta watch my latest haul video to find out:

You can find everything I bought and more at – please support small business and of course, Canadian brands! You can also follow them on Twitter @TruthBeautyCo and Instagram @TheTruthBeautyCompany.

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Wee Haul from The Truth Beauty Company

Hello everyone! I recently went back to Waterloo for an Alpha Phi event at Wilfrid Laurier University (where I did my undergrad) and afterwards, I popped into my favourite uptown Waterloo shop. The Truth Beauty Company is a beautiful little oasis located on the lower level of the Princess Cinemas on King Street.  They carry natural/green beauty and I can never go there and not buy at least 3 things. The owner, Jennifer Freitas is passionate about all things natural and I love hearing her talk about the latest and greatest products. Unfortunately, she was not in that day, but I did get an AWESOME recommendation from Paige. Here’s what I picked up:

The Woodlot Coconut Wax Candle: Rekindle – This is not your typical vanilla candle! I generally dislike vanilla candles as I find they smell too artificial, however because this organic and also contains sandalwood oil, it smells absolutely amazing! Can a candle smell warm and sensual? ‘Cause this one does. I’m definitely going to pick up the Recharge candle the next time I’m in town!

Buck Naked Soap Company: Oatmeal & Almond Milk Soap (currently unavailable on the Truth Beauty Co site, but is from the brand site)  – I wanted to compare this with my current exfoliating bar of choice (Buffy from Lush) and support a local company. While it is not particularly moisturizing since it is not advertised as such, it did leave my skin feeling smooth and squeaky clean.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant: Bergamot + Lime (had just arrived in store on the Friday and I bought the last one on Sunday! Also not on their site at the moment, but on the brand site) – I’ve been interested in trying a natural deodorant for a while and I can’t wait to compare this to my Vanilla Coconut Lavanila. I love the citrus-y scent! So sweet and fresh!

The Truth Beauty Company is located at 46 King St. N (lower level) in Waterloo, ON. You can shop online at, and follow them on Twitter (@TruthBeautyCo) and Instagram (@thetruthbeautycompany).

Are you into green beauty? What are your favourite green beauty products? Leave me a comment with any recommendations! Thanks so much for stopping by!