Physicians Formula 2018 Preview

Hello everyone! I recently attended the Physicians Formula 2018 preview breakfast at Planta in Yorkville. I had been wanting to try this vegan restaurant for a while now so it was great to finally have an opportunity to do so. The interior is beautifully designed and decorated with a really clean and modern theme accented by pops of green. Now truth be told, Physicians Formula was a brand that I was somewhat familiar with, however generally not on my radar as it is typically more expensive than other drugstore brands. After learning more about the brand and their products however, I now have an understanding of how this company came to be. In 1937, Dr. Frank Crandall created makeup products for his wife who needed hypoallergenic options (which, at the time was obviously not readily available.) I didn’t know that their range was great for people with sensitive skin – so hey – if you fall under that category, you’re going to want to give them a closer look if you hadn’t in the past! Their Healthy Foundation is being released in 16 shades. It offers buildable light to medium coverage and the shade range is divided into cool, neutral, and warm undertones. You’ll also notice that most of their new packaging is very sleek and looks a bit more high end. 

They also have fantastic liquid lipsticks in their Healthy Lip Velvet line. Very smooth and hydrating with tons of pigmentation (see swatches further down in the post!)

Perhaps their most exciting release is one of their new skincare items. It is a rose serum called Rosé  All Day. 

Their Butter Bronzer has been a favourite of many, and they are coming out with darker shades of bronzers as well as new shades of highlighters.

The tables were beautifully set and blueberry scones were available upon arrival. 

They had products set up on the tables so we could swatch and play with all of them throughout the breakfast, as well as explore along during the explanation of the new releases. 

The Spotlight Illuminating Primer can double as a base layer under foundation as well as a liquid highlighter. It’s very glowy but definitely not overly shimmery or glittery. 

Here are some of the Lip Velvet swatches (I should’ve noted the names! Sorry!)

This is one of their new Butter Highlighter shades in Iridescent, which has almost a duochrome-lilac tone. 

This was the menu; served family style: 

Seriously those blueberry scones were awesome and that cashew cream was subtly sweet and mildly nutty. 

This was my first time ever having a smoothie bowl and it was fruity and delicious and definitely satisfies any sweet tooth. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Land Lox were. The smoked carrots could definitely hold their own against smoked salmon – they were tender and had that wonderful smoked flavour. I also loved the pickles, capers, and pickled onions – they were a beautiful contrast with the robust smokiness of the carrots. 

Of course, every millenial breakfast needs some avocado toast. 

Although I was getting full by this point, I had to try the tofu scramble which was very tasty (and I’m not even the biggest fan of tofu.)

By the time the overnight oats came out, we were all stuffed. I had a spoonful just to try it and it was really tasty, but I couldn’t eat another bite! 

Thank you so much to Physicians Formula and their PR team for the invitation and to Planta for the wonderful food!

The Physicians Formula 2018 range is available now on and will slowly be trickling into Canadian stores later this month.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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