EATS: Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

Hello everyone! It was recently the HF’s birthday and I surprised him with a craft beer advent calendar (yes, I trekked to 6 different breweries) AND of course a fancy steak dinner (I took him to Barberian’s last year.)  This year I decided to take him to Jacobs & Co. after doing extensive research and discovering that they’re pretty much the top rated steakhouse in Toronto. Now of course, there’s always going to be the haters who are basically keyboard warriors. I will tell you this right now: this restaurant is not your run of the mill steakhouse. If you’re pinching pennies, you likely will get hung up on the prices, and therefore will not enjoy the experience. This is definitely a splurge (took some budgeting on my part!) but in my humble opinion – worth every damn cent.It’s very easy to miss Jacobs & Co from the street; we couldn’t see it as our Uber passed, so we got out just a bit down the street. The HF suggested that perhaps it was the building that had all luxury cars in front. He was correct LOL. Upon entering, you can immediately hear the pianist and you know that this place is elegant and beautiful. After they took my coat to be checked, we were led through the main floor dining room to head upstairs. We were greeted with warm and friendly “hello”‘s and “welcome”‘s and even passed where they had their dry aging steaks on display. We started off the night with a couple of cocktails – he had the Jacob’s Sazerac whereas I opted for the Hibiscus Fizz. A great way to toast to the beginning of what would be a simply magical evening. 

After we had placed our orders, we were brought their famous popovers to start. I can’t remember what was in the herb butter, but the popover was pretty much like a hybrid of dinner roll-Yorkshire pudding-croissant. They were also MASSIVE (the size of my hand…and hey, I do have somewhat small hands but not freakishly small haha.)I had read that the Caeser Salad was a must as they prepare it fresh for you, tableside. We both found it very entertaining to watch the dressing being made, and was thoroughly impressed with how knowledgeable this woman was. We also ordered Bone Marrow to start because neither one of us had ever eaten marrow before, so why not? It basically tasted like delicious rendered steak fat. We will definitely order 2 of these when we come back in the future.Pretty impressive starter spread. While the salad was tasty (dem chunks of double-smoked bacon tho) it’s not a must have for future visits. I think it’s totally necessary for your first time at Jacob’s because the tableside presentation is awesome, but I’d be ok without it later on. The accoutrements for the steaks were impressive in their variety: oak wood smoked Maldon salts from England, coarse kosher salt,  and charcoal infused sea salt on the bottom plate, and creamed blue cheese, ponzu, and chimichurri on the top plate. The steaks really didn’t *NEED* anything on them, but I loved having so many options of enjoying the meat.But really – if you’re coming to Jacob’s, you’re here for the steak. On the right was the HF’s choice which was a beautiful 18oz Canadian Prime Angus bone-in striploin from P.E.I. In the centre was my choice, which was a 6oz Idaho Wagyu (was described to me like a mix of American Prime Black Angus and Japanese Wagyu if I recall correctly.) I love that they actually offer to have the chef carve the steaks for you so that a) it is carved correctly and b) you can share steaks! Neither one of us had ever eaten Wagyu before so obviously we had to try some iteration of it. DAT POTATO-MINERAL CRUST THO. Perfectly medium rare and full of amazing flavour. This was a fantastic choice as the HF had always wanted to try P.E.I. beef. This Wagyu was ridiculously tender – when I dipped a bit in ponzu, it actually reminded me of sashimi. I had the chef cook it to the temperature they felt was best (I generally will eat my steaks medium/medium-rare.) It was definitely on the rarer side of medium rare, but still spectacular in terms of flavour and texture. We also ordered a side of mushrooms, because vegetables. Really buttery and delicious, however we had to pack these up since we were beyond stuffed (they made awesome omelettes the next morning!)The HF had no idea, but his brother-in-law and sister wanted to surprise him by ordering us a bottle of wine (NOTE: they don’t live in this province so this was so amazing!) Now if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not actually into wine. I only recently started liking Rieslings because they’re generally a sweeter, white wine. Reds were always too strong for me. This was not the case with this wine. It was definitely on the drier side, however it was very approachable and easy-drinking. It seemed to pair well with our steaks and I actually had more than 1 glass! MEGA HUGE thank you to them for making us feel like we were classy and Mad Men era-esque. We also ordered the Key Lime Pie to share. For some reason (perhaps it was the wine…) but I didn’t think of passing my phone to the HF to have him take the photo from his perspective so that’s why this photo is wonky. There’s always room for dessert IMO, and this seemed to be the lightest option out of all of their dessert choices. Deliciously creamy with the touch of tartness from the curd, and the candied key limes and macaroons on the plate were the perfect complements. When our bill was brought over, they also gave us 2 salted whiskey caramel chocolates (made with the HF’s fave – Lot 40) AND 2 chocolate chip espresso muffins “to have for breakfast tomorrow morning.” WHAT. SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE. We were treated like VIP’s the entire time and we were delighted with a couple of surprises throughout the night. I would HIGHLY recommend coming here for a special occasion (save up and TREAT YO’SELF.) We will be back at some point!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Jacob’s & Co. for an extraordinary dining experience, and for helping in making my HF smile from ear to ear the entire night.

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse is located at 12 Brant Street in Toronto. You can check out their website at Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @jacobssteakhouse for amazing photos of their offerings.


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