Estée Lauder #AllThatGlitters Holiday Preview

Hello everyone! Estée Lauder has been very kind to me over the last year so I was really excited to be invited to their holiday preview event at their Toronto head office. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it until the last 30 minutes of it (my workday doesn’t allow for me to leave early lol) so I crammed in as much excitement into those 30 minutes as possible. When I stepped out of the elevator, I was instructed to follow these adorable gifts on the floor. It was a laid-back event with some tasty treats (maple wrapped Gunn’s Hill cheese? YES PLZ.) and at different points throughout the day, they also had a figure skating performing in the middle of the room. My favourite part of this event however was the painting demonstration/activity we were able to do. We got a mini lesson (think Paint Nite) on how to paint the artwork that adorns much of their holiday sets and ad campaign. I’d always wanted to do this kind of painting but could never find anyone to go with so I was ecstatic!Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I also got a quick look at all of the beautiful gift sets they’re offering for the holiday season. Anyone would be thrilled to open one of these on Christmas morning! We were actually gifted one of the sets from the picture below – y’know, with the faux-croc skin bag and all! 

Thank you so much to the Estée Lauder Canada team for an awesome (albeit brief, for me) event! I am so excited to give my new goodies a go!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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