EATS: Big Tobacco Kitchen

Hello everyone! I had been following Big Tobacco Kitchen on Instagram for some time and had heard nothing but great things from people who had gone. A few weeks ago they ran a free hot chicken hour and since I’m off for the summer (yes, one of the major perks of my profession), I made my way there. They were handing out paper bags with the most amazing biscuit and piece of fried chicken – I was instantly hooked and knew I had to come back for the full experience.The restaurant is on historical George Street (near Hess Village) which during the day and early evening is quiet and pleasant. Unfortunately, from what my Hamilton-raised friends tell me, the area doesn’t have the best reputation as Hess gets pretty crazy when the nightlife crowd flocks in. Hopefully with the continued growth and new businesses opening here, it will attract a wider demographic.Big Tobacco Kitchen is rustic and charming with a beautiful outdoor patio in the front with all the warmth of a family country home. Their menu is constantly changing based on what’s available locally and they don’t do cocktails; only whiskey and wine. If you’re a fan of whiskey like my HF is, then you will LOVE it here.We started off with biscuits (the owner’s Grandmother’s recipe) served with housemade honey butter and edible flowers. These are a MUST when you come to BTK. They’re so buttery on their own that you almost think you don’t need to put on more butter…but really, you’d be depriving yourself. The honey butter was a fantastic sweet addition and really, if you’re opposed to more butter on anything then I don’t think we can be friends. The main reason we came on a Sunday evening (after returning from a friend’s lake house/cottage) was for their Nashville Hot Chicken special. On Sundays after 5pm, their TN Hot Chicken is half price – ONLY $10! NO JOKES this is probably the best deal in Hamilton. The fried chicken was crispy yet still juicy and tender. The hot sauce was not too spicy but had that sweetness and a good amount of heat. The bread and butter pickles were a great contrast in terms of texture and flavour (I love a bit of bright acidity to break things up.) Traditionally, Nashville Hot Chicken is served on basic sliced white bread – however they serve it here on milk bread which was pretty much saturated from the fried chicken (so maybe save the pickles for the bread.) I would GLADLY come back and pay full price for this. $10 is a steal, so if you’re on a budget, Sunday evening would be your best time to visit.

You need to have their one and only dessert here. It’s a fantastic buckwheat pudding with house made vanilla ice cream, whiskey caramel sauce, and crushed Niagara black walnuts. Very sweet and very indulgent – I LOVE the cold and melting ice cream with the warm pudding. This is definitely one of the best desserts I’ve had in Hamilton (shoutout to Aberdeen Tavern for their cornbread strawberry shortcake a while back.)Mike and I can’t wait to come back to try other dishes from their menu. The quality of food and amazing service made this a place where we will be returning to again and again.

Big Tobacco Kitchen is located at 109 George Street in Hamilton. You can follow them on Twitter at @BTKitchen and Instagram at @bigtobaccokitchen.

What are your top restaurants in Hamilton? We’re always looking for recommendations so let me know! OR if you’ve been, what’s your favourite dish at Big Tobacco Kitchen? Thanks so much for stopping by!


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