EATS: Eatwell

Hello everyone! While the HF and I are not afraid to indulge in food, sometimes you just need to eat a bit cleaner. There are so many delicious options in Hamilton, however one of the newest additions to the game brings the greens. Eatwell opened up not too long ago at the Corktown Plaza on John Street. They specialize in fresh, local ingredients curated either by you or them into delicious bowls.

They’re right in the corner of the plaza on the John and Young side, but really – you can’t miss the bright blue logo in the window!The interior is very spacious with tall ceilings and a relatively large seating area. I love the colour scheme of pink and blue rather than the typical green for these types of restaurants. The first time I visited, I decided to go with Chicken Before the Egg. Herb smoked chicken, soft-boiled egg, semolina noodles , cabbage, broccolini, miso & porcini broth, with shiso and seaweed. The chicken was a bit on the dry side but everything else was perfect! The broccolini is sauteed with shiitake mushrooms which enhances the flavour while adding that salty, earthy punch. The egg was deliciously runny after you burst the yolk and let it cover everything else. Shiso is an interesting topping since it’s not super common – I’d only ever had it in a soup a few years ago. To me, it’s almost like a subtle citrus-mint flavour. I came back the next day to build my own bowl to take back to the HF’s apartment. I chose the rye and mustard dumplings which is basically spaetzle as my base, the broccolini and spicy turnip as my veggies, spice roasted heritage pork (DELISH!), peanut sauce with adobo pepper, cucumber and celery slaw, sunflower seed hummus, and seaweed. The broccolini was a bit overcooked, but still tasty. This was a fantastic combination and I love the dumplings! This will probably be my go-to. Overall, they had a few issues with consistency (dry chicken, overcooked broccolini the 2nd time), but considering they just opened not too long ago, I’m sure they’ll work out those kinks. Either way, I’m definitely a fan and can’t wait to try more!

Eatwell is located at 225 John Street South in Hamilton. You can find them online at Be sure to check out their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram and Twitter @eatwellonjohn.


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