EATS: #HamOnt Food Crawl with @tastehamont

Hello everyone! So I’ve basically been made an honourary Hamiltonian and one of the awesome things about hanging out in Hamilton a lot is making friends with the local food-Instagrammers. A few months back I had dinner at The Aberdeen Tavern with @twohamontgals and recently, I met up with @tastehamont to go on one of her famous food crawls. First stop: Nique

She’s a regular here so obviously we had to get the Sushi Nachos, but we also decided to try out the burrata, which is a newer item on the menu. The Sushi Nachos were worth the hype – crispy and thin tortilla chips are the perfect match for the raw fish and accented beautifully with spicy mayo and green onions. The burrata was soft and the flavours were bright and summery with the pesto and grilled lemon, however the pesto and cheese itself were more on the subtle side.Our next stop was Born and Raised for their famous Margherita pizza. The sauce was deliciously and full of robust tomato flavour. The crust was chewy with a bit of crisp – the perfect texture in my opinion. Next time, I definitely want to try the Spicy Sopressata (I was too timid the first time!)After our pizza, we decided to take a food break and have some tasty beverages at Bar Sazerac. I’d never been here before either but had heard great things. I ordered the “Tequila Me Softly” first, which was a little smokey for my liking (as it contained single malt scotch.) I loved watching the bartenders make the cocktails though – using muddlers and whatnot. For my second drink, I told them the flavours I preferred which is sweet, but not cloying, with a bit of tartness. I also wanted a gin-based cocktail so they made the most delicious Hibiscus Sour for me. This will definitely be my go-to at Bar Sazerac from now on! I’d been wanting to try the Raclette at Uno Mas for months now, so when @tastehamont heard I still hadn’t yet, we promptly marched down James so rectify this situation. OMG. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. How can you resist gooey, melted cheese on fried bread, salumi, and house made pickles? YOU CANNOT. I can’t wait to have this again and again and again. It was a fantastic night out with a new friend and I can’t wait for us to have a full ladies night with @twohamontgals. Thanks so much, Jen, for taking me to all of these great places!

Be sure to follow @tastehamont on Instagram for all things food and awesome foodie giveaways! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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