EATS: Wong’s Ice Cream

Hello everyone! There’s going to be a bunch of food posts (probably in a row) but don’t worry – lots of beauty and skincare coming your way (including some special promos and an IG giveaway really soon!) Anyway, I just had to share this new ice cream shop that had its soft opening last week. Popping up in old Chinatown (Gerrard and Broadview area), Wong’s Ice Cream brings the most innovative Asian flavours to what is probably everyone’s favourite summertime (or really, anytime) treat. Now, Ed Wong is no stranger to the ice cream game, nor is he a stranger to me. He was actually the co-owner of the beloved Henry Brown’s Ice Cream in the Hamilton Farmer’s Market for several years but was commuting from Toronto. I make the drive out here only for the weekends, however Ed was driving in most days and I can understand the strain of a long daily commute. So it came as no surprise when he wanted to open up his own shop closer to home and give a boost to the east end of Toronto.The space is bright and immaculately clean and we need to recognize this – his branding is ON POINT. Not only is he offering amazing ice creams and pour-over coffee, Ed also carries a vast assortment of interesting snacks and food products on his shelves.You have a few options for cones, but really – don’t you want to eat your ice cream out of a Chinese takeout box!? I absolutely did and will definitely be doing this every time.Other than his flavours, I believe the pièce de résistance is this ice cream sandwich couch. I would’ve taken a photo on it but sitting photos are tricky LOL. Ed has also teamed up with Tito Ron’s to serve the ever-popular Ube Turon Sundae (which, as you can see was sold out when I visited!) and stocks a couple of their famous pies. I couldn’t resist Chinese Tiger Tail which is a black sesame base with salted duck yolk (it was called Black Sesame Moon Cake back during Mid-Autumn Festival time at Henry Brown’s.) I love black sesame desserts in any form and hey – black sesame was the original charcoal-coloured treat. I also got a scoop of Wasabi Honey – a very adventurous ice cream that packs a punch spinning roundhouse kick. You get that first hit of wasabi heat, then the sweetness of the honey, which leads into the creamy finish. The spiciness lingers and can be overwhelming if you’re not a mega spice-head. Definitely pair it with another flavour to alternate and neutralize if you’re game. Honourable mention also goes to Chocolate Yuzu (which I’m going to order next time) – rich and chocolate-y with that bright citrus from the yuzu.

Wong’s Ice Cream (open Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 9pm and Sunday 11am – 5pm) is located at 617 Gerrard Street East in Toronto. Please pay Ed a visit (tell him Liz sent ya!) and be sure to follow on Instagram at @wongsicecream.


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