Canada Day Nails*

Hello everyone! If you live in Canada, you are well aware that on July 1st, our grand country is celebrating its 150th birthday. To help celebrate, Nail Polish Canada wants to help YOU flaunt some maple leaves on your nails. If you’re like me and love nail art but are incapable of keeping a steady hand to draw fun designs and shapes, then What’s Up Nail Vinyls are the PERFECT tool! They’re basically adhesive nail stencils that are super easy to use. All you need to do is make sure you apply your base polish first and let it dry COMPLETELY. Then, peel your desired stencil off and put it on your nail. Paint over the open shape with your secondary colour (I used Deborah Lippmann “Ruby Red Slippers” over Formula X “White Matter”) and immediately remove the vinyl. Let that baby dry and then seal it with your desired top coat (I use Seche Vite) and voila! CANADIAN PRIDE! I was so impressed with how easy these were to use and I will definitely order other shapes in the future! If you’ve never tried nail vinyls before, or if you’re looking to jazz up your Canada Day mani in a very simple way, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Nail Polish Canada has generously created an exclusive code that will be valid for the FIRST TEN that read this post to get a FREE set of these maple leaf vinyls. That’s right – absolutely free – no shipping fees or taxes or anything. Click HERE to get to the product page (add to cart, then enter promo code: TH2KU197D495 at checkout to make them free!)

Thanks so much for stopping by and PLEASE let me know (ideally on Instagram via a photo) if you end up getting these!

DISCLAIMER: The product mentioned in this post was provided for the purposes of review and promotion. This is not a sponsored post nor does it contain any affiliate links. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent those of the brand or any of its affiliates.


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