EATS: Hoolycrab

Hello everyone! Seafood boil restaurants are popping up all over the place and Hamilton fortunately, was no exception. The HF and I had walked past Hoolycrab so much and we were only waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it a try. I managed to snag a great Groupon ($29 for $50 worth of food) and informed a few of our friends so they could get in on it too and join us. Located on King St. E, Hoolycrab is one of the newer additions to the growing and booming Hamilton food scene. The interior has the rustic exposed brick paired with very clean wooden benches and tables. I love the mix of rustic and modern with all of the black/metal details. This is such a nice space!So here’s the thing about seafood boils for all those who are unfamiliar: you generally get your food served from a bag, all of the delicious proteins and sides mixed together in a delicious seasoning or sauce. This is a VERY messy experience in the BEST way possible (and believe me – I am not a lover of any messes.) Don’t wear your Sunday finest!I ordered 1lb of shrimp with Hoolycrab sauce, a bit of kick, along with corn, potatoes, and sausage (which was kielbasa.) The sauce was ridiculously delicious – garlicky with a hint of spice. We had read some reviews prior to our visit and took the advice of someone who highly recommended ordering the garlic bread to soak up the leftover juices. The HF ordered 1lb of crawfish (or crawdads as some might say) with the same sides in the cajun sauce. He was so excited to break them apart and make a huge mess. He was also thoroughly impressed with his selections.We decided to splurge and shared a 1lb order of the snow crab legs with cauliflower in the Hoolycrab sauce, however we decided that when we come back, 1lb of seafood for each of us is more than enough. YOU GUYS. My Handsome Foodie was so excited that he actually gave me permission to post a picture of him in this post! YOU READY FOR THIS?!



Ha ha, I guarantee he’s better looking than this crawfish. His photo is below this one. 🙂 He was clearly so excited and was absolutely elated when we left. In his words “we’re coming back at least 6 times this summer!”Hooly Crab is a fantastic option for seafood lovers and big groups of friends. If you want fantastic food, great service, and a dinner full of laughs, you NEED to come here.

-Wear stuff you won’t mind having random sauces splashed on (not guaranteed since you do get a bib, but you’d probably be upset if you came here wearing a white shirt)
-Short sleeves are key since you can’t really adjust once you’re in the thick of it
-Long haired folks will probably wanna have their hair up
-Get some sort of bread/rice/noodle to get the most out of that leftover sauce in the bag. There will be loads and it is a travesty to let any of it go to waste.

Hoolycrab is located at 173 King St. East in Hamilton. You can check them out online at and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @hooly.crab and Twitter at @hoolycrab.

Have you ever had or been to a seafood boil? Do you have any recommendations for seafood boils in Toronto? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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