OOAK Spring 2017 Haul

Hello everyone! The One of a Kind Show is back in Toronto for the annual Spring edition and I obviously had to check it out. This time around, I gave myself a budget (no donated items, although I am mad grateful for those who supported my holiday gift guide) and only bought things that I immediately loved. This season’s theme is about celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, so the main competition area featured beautiful handmade/one of a kind Canadian themed creations.

About a week and a bit ago, Trish Bastone followed me on Instagram and when I saw she was going to have a booth at OOAK with beautiful marble and wooden planters, I followed back and looked forward to meeting her in person. A big personality in a wee but strong woman, Trish uses leftover marble tiles and reclaimed cedar from her grandfather’s farm fence posts to create the most adorable planters. She also makes tables and other wooden furniture/home accessories. By day, she works in construction and utilizes the materials she works most with to create these awesome pieces. You can find her at booth A22 and be sure to follow her on Instagram at @trishbastone. Over at booth H24, you’ll find the most beautiful, semi-minimalist paper goods and art prints at Wrinkle & Crease. Black, white, and gold?! SOLD! (See more of her work on Instagram at @wrinkleandcrease)I was immediately drawn to her art prints, particularly one that has a number of beautiful quotes. Let’s be real – there are so many prints out there with cliche and cheesy phrases that don’t speak to me, but this one really got me. Then when the owner, Kayley, told me about why she created it, I immediately had to have it. When she had her baby daughter, she wanted to put some sort of artwork with quotes in the nursery. When she couldn’t find any that resonated with her and evoked all of the things she wanted to say, she decided to compile her favourite lyrics and words of wisdom. The result? One of the most adorable and genuine pieces I’ve ever purchased. I love that it came from the heart and contains messages to her daughter. (It’s in the haul photo at the end of the post!)My next visit was to The Bacon Berry at the marketplace section at P48R (I jumped a bunch of aisles to see Sparkle Collective, and then wandered over here.) Anytime I see adorable sketches I have to stop, but the real winner was one of the enamel pins that at first glance looked like just a Toronto Queen Street sign but upon closer inspection said YAAAAAAAAAAAS Queen. My reaction? “Oh my God. Oh my God.” I almost walked away but it was too perfect. I was obsessed with the yaaaaas cat for the longest time so that combined with Queen in a Toronto-love style? Amazing. Wait for that close-up on my IG real soon. I was walking back to Trish’s booth (I didn’t want to carry a plant around the whole time) and these bright colours caught my eye at booth B24. Colourfully wrapped artisan chocolates? Yes please! I also found out that on move-in day, the owner’s booth partner couldn’t make it and many of the other vendors came to her rescue and helped her set up! This is one of the reasons I love OOAK – all of the artisans are so supportive of each other! Hailing from Ottawa, Alicja Confections offers Postcard Chocolates – meaning these bars actually have a space for an address on the back so you can mail it! Genius! (Although I won’t be sending any of mine…) She has a wide variety of interesting flavour combinations, including Movie Night (Caramel Popcorn and Candy Milk Chocolate), Cereal and Milk (Marshmallow and Cereal White Chocolate – which is 29% chocolate!), and Whatever! (Cookies and Cream Milk + White Chocolate.) She also offers a subscription service where you can get a new chocolate every month! Follow her on Instagram at @alicjaconfections. Finally, you know I can’t leave OOAK without visiting my friends, Laura and Luke at Double L Decor (at booth H10 this time around!) They are simply the best in the concrete planter game offering a wide variety of shapes in straight concrete and marble finishes. Based in Hamilton (their space at The Cotton Factory is pretty awesome…and word on the street is that there will be a maker-type show in a few months there…), Laura and Luke stumbled into the world of making planters when inspired by other cool planters on the market. After much trial and error (and a lot of creations), Laura and Luke found their stride and the popularity and demand for their works has grown exponentially. If you don’t already do so – FOLLOW THEM NOW at @doubleldecor. Here’s my haul from this show: -Quote art print from Wrinkle and Crease
-Marble painted concrete cube planter from Double L Decor + air plant
-Cedar cube planter from Bastone + air plant (both of these are going on my desk at work because of the limited sunlight)
-Beer Jellies (Wheat Beer, Pepper Pilsner, and IPA – I don’t drink beer, but these beer jellies from Tracy’s Wine Jellies are too good. They’re also a staple at the CNE!)
-Yaaaaaaas Queen enamel pin from The Bacon Berry Card Company
-Make S’Mores Not Wars button and Strawberry Cat enamel pin from Sparkle Collective (I picked up a couple of the donut cat items at the holiday show)
-Postcard Chocolate Bars from Alicja Confections

The Spring One of a Kind Show is on now until Sunday, April 2nd at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place. Buy your tickets online here to save $2! Follow @ooak_toronto on Instagram for updates during the show.

Did you check out the spring show? What did you buy? Or if you’re planning on going, what do you have your eye on? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!

DISCLAIMER: A press pass was provided to me (thank you to One of a Kind) however this is not a sponsored post. All items were purchased by me and I am not receiving and compensation for writing about these brands. The opinions expressed in this post may not reflect the opinions of the brands, the makers, vendors, the One of a Kind show, or any of their affiliates.


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