EATS: Shakespeare’s 

Hello everyone! Now I understand that Valentine’s Day is really silly in the sense that we shouldn’t wait for a certain day to express your feelings toward someone and it’s definitely a commercially driven “holiday.” But really – I only started getting the FOMO when I started seeing everyone’s social media posts about what their SO got them/did for them. The HF and I decided to not do anything on the actual day (since it was a weekday and it’s a lot for me to drive to Hamilton and back) since he’s not big into V-Day anyway, but little did I know, he had planned a surprise. When I arrived at his place that weekend, there was a pot of tulips waiting for me on his coffee table.But really, we all know that the key to my heart is FOOOOOOOOOOOD. He definitely surprised me when he brought me to one of Hamilton’s oldest fine dining restaurants, Shakespeare’s. Established in 1969, Shakespeare’s has that classic English feel with deep red interior decor and different historical artifacts. They also have gigantic pepper mills…I should’ve taken more photos. I started off with the octopus that was marinated with olive oil, lemon, and spices and WOW. I never knew that octopus could taste like that. The texture was meaty and not at all rubbery (which is what I’d come to expect.) The HF ordered the lobster bisque (I didn’t want to risk dropping my phone into it so unfortunately no photo) and said it was delicious. Very rich, not too heavy, with a good amount of lobster chunks in it.For my main, I ordered the Filet Mignon Neptune which was a 7oz filet topped with crab and bernaise sauce. While this was tasty and super filling, the crab and bernaise is actually unnecessary in my opinion! The steak was super tender and really – bacon wrapped anything is fantastic. So while I definitely still enjoyed my selection, I don’t think I need to order the Neptune variation again.When they brought out the HF’s main, the waiter said, “here’s your half a cow, sir!”
He had ordered the 20oz prime rib but this was definitely more than that. It was literally the biggest piece of meat I had seen on a plate. It was perfectly cooked, tender, juicy, and had fantastic flavour. It was the best prime rib either one of us ever had. We also ordered their sauteed mushrooms on the side and they were RIDICULOUSLY good – garlicky, buttery goodness. Huge shout-out to our waiter, Abi aka Abraham who was so full of charisma and charm and kept calling us kids. He was so knowledgeable and attentive and really treated us like superstars. I think he was also responsible for another 7-10 tables and he was absolutely killing it. Since we decided against dessert (uncharacteristic for me but I was STUFFED), Abi still brought over the giant glass of candy and urged us to eat some.

Overall, it was a magical evening and I’m so happy I was able to share it with someone special. The HF had wanted to eat at Shakespeare’s for years so I’m glad that he was finally able to and brought me along for the ride. It is definitely a splurge type dinner (think Barberian’s) so while we won’t be coming back frequently, we will absolutely come back.

Shakespeare’s is located at 181 Main St. E in Hamilton. You can check them out online at


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