Chanel Plissé Lumière de Chanel & Blush Duo Effet Tweed

Hello everyone! The Chanel Le Blanc collection generally debuts a few weeks after their Spring line and is one of the mostly highly anticipated releases of the year. This year did not disappoint with the Énergies et Puretés collection which was inspired by the beauty trends of K-Pop Stars. Featuring some of the most beautiful and pigmented products, I couldn’t resist.I picked up the tweed blush and highlighter (obvi) from Shoppers Drug Mart (and got a whack of Optimum Points.) I hadn’t purchased a Chanel highlighter since the Spring 2013 line so I figured it was time.

The blush (called Cherry Blossom) was an impulse buy because as soon as I swatched it and saw how the pink and red blended together and how pigmented it was, I knew I needed it in my life. There’s also flecks of silver in it that give just a hint of shimmer.I had forgotten how perfect Chanel highlighters were. To be fair, I had skipped on the last bunch because many of them were too cool toned for my liking. When I found out this highlighter was warmer with a golden champagne sheen, I knew it had to be mine. LOOK AT THAT DESIGN! This was apparently inspired by washi tape. The powder is so finely milled (cliche), that it basically just melts into your skin giving you that natural lit from within glow. Chanel highlighters are ALWAYS a great choice (if you like the shade/tone that is) because they know how to do it right. This picture was also in my last post, but I was wearing both the highlighter and the blush in the photo. As you can see, the blush is very buildable so in that sense very wearable. I don’t go for dramatic blush application, but check out the highlight.
The Chanel Plissé Lumière de Chanel & Blush Duo Effet Tweed are available now (however may be sold out most places…) so give your local Chanel counter a call to see if they still have anything. Absolutely worth the splurge – I never regret anything from Chanel!

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What’s your favourite Chanel product? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Chanel Plissé Lumière de Chanel & Blush Duo Effet Tweed

  1. Susanne Krehbiel says:

    These look so beautiful on you. I was going to pass on both (I bought the camila highlighter) but I think u need this one too! Also if I can find the blush, I may need it as well!.

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