Chanel Coco Code Harmonie de Blush: Swatches and First Impressions

Hello everyone! A little while back I decided to spend my bonus Optimum points (from the last spend your points event) and put it toward one of the new Chanel Spring 2017 releases. I picked up the beautiful Coco Code Harmonie de Blush after being smitten with the simple geometric design and the colours in this palette.

There are 4 colours that can be swirled together to create a luminous warm blush or used separately for light bronzing and highlighting. I prefer to just mix it all together since I personally find it tedious and annoying to use a brush that is tapered enough to just pick up one of the quadrants (and as with all of the brushes that come with the product, this one is useless to me!) I apologize for the lightness of the swatches – I didn’t want to dig my fingers into this one so I just used a brush as much as possible. This is the key to making sure the 4 squares stay separate; do NOT rub your finger through it!I can’t remember what type of brush I used with it at first, but I wasn’t too pleased since it didn’t pick up much colour and I was worried I had bought a dud. Fortunately, when I saw my Chanel lady again, she told me to try a denser brush and I am so glad she did! I used my Sigma Angled Top Kabuki and it picked it up like CRAZY! I am so happy this didn’t turn out to be a regret. It was actually so pigmented that I had to buff some of it off since it went on heavy.The Chanel Coco Code Harmonie de Blush ($70 CDN, Limited Edition) is available now at select Shoppers Drug Marts (cough, Eaton Centre) and at Chanel counters.

What have you splurged on lately? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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