EATS: Winterlicious at Barnsteiner’s

Hello everyone! It’s that time again – WINTERLICIOUS! So far I’ve only been to one restaurant with no other reservations in the near future, however I might try to squeeze in another (cough, Miku, cough.) Anyway, the HF and I went out to Barnsteiner’s last Friday (which was the first day of this year’s Winterlicious) and if you’re not familiar with the story, this restaurant is owned by the former owner’s of The Corner House. It was a fantastic restaurant that operated out of a converted Victorian house and unfortunately, had to be sold (I think to developers?) Either way, I had been to The Corner House before and was extremely impressed with the food and service so I knew Barnsteiner’s would be a great choice. I love Winterlicious because it allows so many people to try new restaurants with fantastic prix-fixe menus. Barnsteiner’s had a wide variety of options and I couldn’t resist – I ordered their feature cocktail, “Winterlicious Kiss” which was Prosecco with cassis liqueur. I started with the Snow Crab salad with sweet curry and crunchy vegetables and OH MAN it was delicious! The curry sauce was fragrant and savoury and perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the snow crab. The vegetables were wonderfully crunchy and not overly thick, but also not paper thin so it was a decently sized appetizer.The HF started with the Charred Brussels Sprout Ceaser with crispy bacon, pecorino, and endive and let me just say – I think brussels sprouts are my new favourite vegetable. This salad was one of the best renditions of a ceaser salad I’ve ever had. The flavour of the brussels sprouts – so earthy and enhanced with a slight char. I’m salivating just remembering it. We also tried each others mains (obviously) since they both sounded amazing. Check out this first look:I chose the Braised Venison Stew with a red wine juniper sauce and hand shaved spaetzle. This was the perfect portion of real wintery comfort food. The venison was insanely tender and the wild blueberry was a great addition and added a really fresh sweetness to the dish. The spaetzle was filling and accented with roasted carrots and brussels sprouts. He ordered the Black Angus Striploin which is carved from a giant perfectly roasted medium rare steak. Perfectly cooked and also insanely tender, I think this proves that Barnsteiner’s knows their beef. We both ordered the Dark Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding for dessert. This was the perfect end to a fantastic meal. It was like a warm hug – the bread pudding was moist and the chocolate was creamy. The white chocolate rum sauce was subtle yet flavourful, and the candied pecans just pulled it all together with a satisfying crunch.

If we could’ve, we would’ve ordered one of everything. I have no doubt that the rest of the menu is equally as impressive.

Winterlicious is on now until February 9th. Click here to check out the participating restaurants and their menus!

Barnsteiner’s is located 1 Balmoral Avenue (at Yonge St) in Toronto. You can find them online at and be sure to check out their Facebook page!


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