Mac x Mariah Carey Blush in Sweet Sweet Fantasy

Hello everyone! I’ve been a fan of Mariah Carey ever since I was a child. I had all of her CD’s and would be so excited whenever her music videos came on MuchMusic (remember when they actually showed music videos?!) I was definitely interested in her recent collaboration with Mac, however the only product that piqued my interest was the Sweet Sweet Fantasy blush. The packaging is obviously glam and gorgeous with the gold and glitter box and gold case. The entire collection is really pretty to look at, but I showed restraint.Sweet Sweet Fantasy ($28.50 CDN) is a deep, coral blush that is semi-matte with major colour payoff. Very easily picked up by a brush, I highly recommend you start light and build up to whatever vibrancy you want. Here it is heavily swatched on the bottom and blended in on top:I paired it with Becca Prosecco Pop to give my cheeks some life as I am currently sick 😦
As you can see, it definitely blends out easily if you end up applying too much. I usually just take my powder brush that still has a bit of product on it to help diffuse if I’ve gone overboard on the blush.

The Mac x Mariah Carey Collection is available now at Mac counters and stores and online at

Did you pick up anything from this collaboration? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!




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