EATS: Henry Brown’s 

Hello everyone! A trip to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market is incomplete without a stop to my favourite ice cream shop – Henry Brown’s. Focused on innovative, small-batch flavours, Henry Brown’s quickly found a place in my heart. It doesn’t matter how bad of a mood you’re in – ice cream will always feel right.So before I describe more about why this place is awesome – first things first. Henry Brown’s is in danger of closing down at the market. Co-owners Karen and Ed (great long-time friends) started this company in 2015, but sadly/not so sadly, Ed is pursuing his dream of opening a shop in Toronto (which will obvi be delicious.) That being said, Karen needs a bit of help in order to stay open at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and to continue creating the most magical ice cream flavours.Since they first opened, Henry Brown’s has released over 150 amazing flavours, and I have been so fortunate to try a whole bunch since I started coming to Hamilton regularly. My absolute favourite is Hong Kong Milk Tea (I tried the one at a popular Asian flavour-heavy ice cream/gelato shop in Toronto recently and Henry Brown’s is infinitely better!) although I’ve also enjoyed Toasted Marshmallow, Black Sesame Moon Cake, Matcha Kit Kat, Churro Waffle…I could go on. I love that you get real flavour and an extremely creamy texture, and on the plus side, many times, they will utilize local and seasonal ingredients to produce the highest quality of ice cream while supporting local vendors and artisans.Their flavours rotate and change every single day they’re open which gives you an opportunity to try so many different ice creams. You can also take a pint or quart home (dangerous!)

Here’s basically a photo love-letter to ice cream and to Henry Brown’s…I need this to stay at the market.

Anyway, Karen has started a crowdfunding campaign to keep Henry Brown’s open at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. She needs $12 000 in order to re-start the business in order to continue her creations. If you can spare even $5, please donate to this awesome small business. Henry Brown’s brings so much joy to the community and Karen’s passion is absolutely infectious. If you’ve never been, I highly encourage you to pop by as soon as possible to experience the ice cream (and/or sorbets!) and you will understand why I donated immediately.

Henry Brown’s is located at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market at 35 York Blvd. in Hamilton. They are open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until 6pm, and Saturdays from 7am – 5pm (they’re also doing pancakes on Saturday mornings now!) You can check them out at, and be sure to follow them on Twitter @smallbatchice and Instagram @henrybrowns. You can also give their Facebook page some love here.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and please please please support their Indiegogo campaign!


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