Colourpop x Hello Kitty

Hello everyone! By the time I saw that Colourpop had released a collaboration collection with Hello Kitty, many of the products had already sold out. Fortunately on a fateful afternoon, I was having a bad day up until I received a notification that it had been restocked! I immediately threw things into my cart and hoped for the best. But really, retail therapy is such a thing. I ended up buying 3 lip and 2 face products (Hello Kitty plushie not included.)I was the most excited for the Super Shock Cheeks in this range which is a highlighter called School is Fun and a blush called Coin Purse. The textures are so strange – very soft and almost cream like but still a powder. The blush was very easy to blend in, however the highlighter took a bit more time. As it sank in throughout the day, it definitely looked better than when first applied.I also picked up 2 Lippie Stix in Konnichiwa (a pinky-neutral) and Let’s Play (a shimmery raspberry-red.) These applied very smoothly and the lasting power was around 4-5 hours. I didn’t realize that Let’s Play had actual shimmer/glitter in it so it’s definitely not my favourite, but I suppose it’ll be nice for holiday parties. Konnichiwa is a little too pink for my liking but I think it’ll be really pretty in the spring.The last thing I ordered was the Ultra Satin Lip in Tiny Chum which is a mauve-toned neutral. I love the Ultra Satin formula since it is creamy but not thick and lasts basically all day. Swatches from left to right: Coin Purse, School is Fun, Konnichiwa, Let’s Play, Tiny Chum.Wearing Coin Purse, School is Fun, and Konnichiwa on the lips.
This is Tiny Chum.

…and finally, Let’s Play.

I must admit, I was more enamored with the whole Hello Kitty theme than anything. Are any of these must haves? I would say not really, but if you’re a HK fan and/or have never tried Colourpop, they’re worth a go! Most of the collection is still in stock so act fast if you’re interested!

Let me know if you end up picking up anything from this collection or if you have any Colourpop recommendations! Thanks so much for stopping by!



4 thoughts on “Colourpop x Hello Kitty

  1. stashy says:

    It would have been so cute if they did an imprint of Hello Kitty’s face in the blushes! I do like that “Coin Purse” bright pink blush shade but yeah… it’s more of the idea of the theme, not so much the individual items.

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