EATS: Barberian’s Steak House

Hello everyone! My Handsome Foodie turned 30 recently and part of his gift was an incredible surprise steak dinner at one of the oldest steak houses in Toronto. Barberian’s on Elm St (off of Yonge) has been open since 1959 and is steeped in heritage. I’ve walked by this place so many times but never thought of going in. My good friend and mentor, Jon actually recommended this place since it’s one of his favourites and we were not disappointed.

When you walk in, the lights are low and there’s a really old-timey feel (in the best way possible) and there’s tons to look at. There are paintings and antiques that reflect the history of Canada as well as this establishment. I wish I could’ve just walked around to have a better look (but I’m sure most diners would’ve found that very intrusive lol) and apparently I have to go back to see their wine cellar. They have a coat check right by the entry and then we were taken to our table in the front room. After taking our initial drink orders (Ginger Ale for me since I’m basically a child), we were given a basket of bread and a dish of their house made pickles. Deliciously acidic and salty, the variety of pickled vegetables (jalapeno, cabbage, carrot, brussels sprouts) were great with the classic bread and butter offering. We started off with an order of Escargot since the HF had never tried it before. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with garlic and butter and the escargot here was no exception. A simple, classic appetizer that definitely pleased.

I had read a lot of reviews (of course) and ordered their most popular cut – the 16oz Rib Steak. It was cooked PERFECTLY medium rare – even throughout with just the right amount of char on the outside. The baked potato was loaded generously (by choice!) with sour cream, feta, and bacon bits (they actually bring a tower with 3 bowls to the table and load it up for you right there) but really – after all that protein, I couldn’t even finish it.

Apologies for the difference in photo quality, but I didn’t want to delay the HF in eating his main so this picture is from his phone. I told him to order whatever he wanted and I had a feeling he would choose this one. He opted for the 24oz Porterhouse which was also cooked perfectly medium rare. He said that this was the best steak he’s had at a restaurant and yes – he ate the whole thing. Go hard or go home!

There is always room for dessert (IMO) so I ordered the Creme Caramel. They brought it out with a candle (so nice!) for the occasion so the HF did eat a little of it, but indulged in his dessert, which was a 16 year old Lagavulin (which he made me taste…and it was definitely not for me LOL.)

Overall, we were both impressed and extremely satisfied with the excellent service and the five-star quality of food. I would gladly go back for another special occasion (because it was definitely an expensive night out) but probably order a smaller steak (SO MUCH FOOD!) Sidenote: their women’s bathroom has those fancy toilets with heated seats, omg.

Happy 30th (again) to my wonderful man. Thank you to Barberian’s for a fantastic night out!

What’s your steakhouse of choice? Let me know as we are always adding to our “Places to Eat” list! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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