STYLE: Flirty Fall LBD by eShakti*

Hello everyone! Last summer, eShakti sent me a custom dress to let me try out their customization services and I was definitely impressed. So when they reached out to me again recently, I jumped at the opportunity (since I have dropped 2 dress sizes and about 40lbs since then – WHAT WHAAAT!) I decided to get another dress since it’s hard to find the perfect fitting shirt dress. (Shoutouts to the fashion bloggers who make it look so easy and mega thanks to the HF for his first foray into the world of being an Instagram boyfriend…lucky for him that I’m not a fashion blogger LOL.)
                             Dress: eShakti, belt: American Eagle Outfitters, ankle boots: Harlow

The difference in this shirt dress however is the asymmetrical hem that is slightly shorter at the sides. This was tailored for my height as well as where I wanted the longest hem to hit (above the knee…although in hindsight, had I known how short the sides would be, I would’ve opted for below the knee. BUT it’s nothing that wearing my Lululemon shorts doesn’t fix/prevent!) I also chose the 3/4 sleeve length instead of the original longsleeve, which I think is more flattering for my arms. I LOVE how the skirt flares out to give it more of a flirty feel.
The HF was basically a pro at this point and even prompted me to give him a twirl. LOL what a guy. 

Of course the best part of any dress is when you discover it has POCKETS! Seriously – there is not a woman alive who hasn’t gotten a bit too excited to tell people that her dress has pockets (don’t even try to lie!)

While you can send them your exact measurements, I’ve opted to just measure and go by their size chart and I’ve been completely satisfied each time. I highly recommend giving eShakti a try if you have trouble finding the perfect fit, or if you just want something super customized to your taste!

Sign up now to get $30 off your first order! You can also use promo code “staygorgeous” for 10% off! To check out their vast collection, go to You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @eShakti and be sure to give their Pinterest a visit!

DISCLAIMER: The dress featured in this post was provided for review by eShakti. All opinions are honest and my own and are not influenced by any partners or affiliates.


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