EATS: Nam Nom

Hello everyone! I first went to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market back in June just for poke, however it is now a semi-regular destination for me since the HF doesn’t live too far from it. I noticed back in August that a Vietnamese sandwich stall was going to be opening soon, so I stalked them on Instagram, eagerly awaiting their arrival. The day finally came at the beginning of September and I gave them a try a few weeks later when I met up with one of my sorority sisters at the market for lunch.
Nam Nom specializes in banh mi sandwiches and although their menu is limited (only 3 items), their food is packed with tons of flavour.
Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, I know you can get banh mi for $4 in Chinatown, however the quality and freshness of the ingredients are well worth the price.I opted for the Nam Nom which includes five spice pork belly, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, cilantro, scallions, and peanuts. The first bite was RIDICULOUS. The bread is perfectly crusty on the outside but deliciously soft on the inside. The pork is tender and juicy and perfectly marinated. The vegetables keep it bright and provides a good balance to the richness of the pork belly. Honestly – I could’ve eaten another 4 of these; they were SO delicious.I will definitely be back to try the Oh My Ga’d and perhaps even the tofu one day. Either way, I highly recommend checking out Nam Nom the next time you’re at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market (along with all the other amazing vendors in the Real Food Court on the lower level!)

Nam Nom/The Hamilton Farmer’s Market is located at 35 York Blvd. in Hamilton. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @eatnamnom.


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