EATS: Uno Mas

Hello everyone! The last time the HF and I were at Mezcal, we noticed there was a new tapas bar downstairs called Uno Mas and agreed that we would eventually have to give them a try. I recently attended their grand opening with my friend, Vicki and was instantly hooked on their cocktails and pintxos and was raving about it to him. So obviously when he suggested we head there for dinner last week, I happily obliged.Uno Mas is in the basement of their big brother, Mezcal TNT and has a really cool, Urban-European-Spanish feel. The hip hop of course is going which makes me instantly feel at home (HF doesn’t get it lol) but the real reason you’re here is for the cocktails and the food! My favourite is the Fire in the Fields which is composed of Tanqueray gin, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, muddled blackberries, Cava sparkling wine, and torched rosemary. They actually torch the rosemary at the table and it creates a really nice scent (and hello – just looks cool!) I really like this cocktail because it’s got the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness and tastes like summer. (And yes – this glass is only half full because we couldn’t wait haha.)The must have for me was the Buratta as neither one of us had ever had it before and I’d seen/heard about buratta all around YouTube/social media. We also ordered the Baby Octopus Pintxos that came with their housemade mustard (unreal!) and their special of the day which was a top sirloin with foie gras and quail eggs. EVERYTHING WAS DELICIOUS! The sirloin was perfectly medium-rare and was so rich and enhanced with the foie gras and quail eggs. Definitely a decadent tapas dish. The baby octopus pintxos were perfectly flavoured and the texture of the perfectly cooked octopus worked well with the fried bread, and the mustard just brought it all together. The buratta however was our favourite and we actually ordered in our 2nd round as well. The roasted red peppers and olive tapenade kept it bright and really – how can you go wrong with cheese?We got the small meat and cheese board for our 2nd round (along with more buratta) and left it up to chef’s choice for what kinds we would receive. We ended up getting a chocolate-blue cheese (really just a subtle hint of chocolate after the initial blue flavour), the chevre (goat cheese), thinly sliced pork cheek, and I believe it was the Iberico Chorizo (but correct me if I’m wrong, Uno Mas!) Served with housemade pickles (again, they can really do no wrong! They even had pickled grapes – WHAAAAAT), apple butter and more mustard, it was the perfect amount of food for the 2 of us. The HF only had 2 words to describe Uno Mas – in the words of Gordon Ramsay, “f-ing delicious!”I cannot wait to come back and try more of their menu! I definitely want to try their Raclette and the Strawberries and Queso Blanco next time. Oh, and really – there’s always room for dessert so will definitely give their Canoli Smash a go.Uno Mas is located on the lower level of Mezcal TNT at 150 James St. South in Hamilton. You can follow them on Twitter (@UnoMasBar_) and Instagram (@unomasbar) and check them out through their big brother, Mezcal TNT.

Have you been to Uno Mas? Where should the HF and I eat next? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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