THIS JUST IN: Esqido Launches at Holt Renfrew

Hello everyone! I had heard about Esqido lashes from different YouTubers throughout the years, however being a false-lash noob, I generally avoided them since they’re so tricky to put on! That, and I would be too heavy handed with adhesive and basically wreck them eventually. Anyway, I was recently invited to attend the launch of Esqido at Holt Renfrew so I figured it was worth the opportunity to try and hopefully improve on my application skills. I went to the Yorkdale launch and met up with a few blogger friends.The coolest part of the display were the lashes that were on monocle type sticks so you could actually see what they would look like on your eyes! There are so many different styles ranging from light to high volume, so it’s easy to find a pair for you whether you want to keep it natural or really amp it up (which is coincidentally, the name of their most dramatic pair!)They also had gifts for bloggers (which reminds me…I still haven’t eaten that cake pop…) which included our choice of lashes PLUS a full sized tube of their latex-free adhesive! Most bloggers had their lashes applied at the event at the Lash Lounge. I took full advantage of this opportunity so that way my lashes would be trimmed perfectly to fit my eyes. The major difference between Esqido and other false lash brands is that they use a cotton strip for the lashes which makes them super comfortable and easier to apply the glue and put them on. They’re mink lashes which also means they are super soft. Thanks to Chrissy (@itschrissyang) for taking these action pics for me! So flirty!I chose the Lashmopolitan lashes which are high volume but definitely not over the top! I love them because of the flaring out at the outer ends which goes perfectly with my winged liner (all I do is winged liner lol.)Thank you so much to Esqido for inviting me to your launch! I can’t wait to try out a few other styles!

Esqido lashes range from $36 – $45 CDN and are available now at Holt Renfrew and online at

What are your favourite false lash brands? Do you have any tips on making application easier? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Esqido Launches at Holt Renfrew

  1. thinkingofmakeup says:

    I wanted to try velour lashes for such a long time but for some reason they really bothered my eyes! My eyes wouldn’t stop watering! It was so strange.
    i just posted a review on the new L’oreal Pro Glow Foundation on my blog. Check it out!

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