EATS: NYC 2016 

Hello everyone! This post is MEGA food pic heavy so if you’re hungry, maybe grab a snack first…or drool all over yourself – no judgment! This past weekend I went to New York for a mini vacation with my friend, Heidi. Being the total foodie, I made a list of the places I needed to eat at and she happily let me be in charge of that. We arrived late Friday night after our flight was delayed for 4 hours (YEP FOUR) so Saturday was our first full day in NYC. We visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, first thing in the morning. After checking out some exhibits (including the amazing Manus x Machina), we trekked to the first place on my list – Shake Shack at 86th and Lexington. I had heard about Shake Shack from several American YouTubers so of course I had to give it a try. I ordered the Shack Burger, crinkle fries, and their milkshake of the week which was blueberry and sweet corn. While the burger was delicious, it immediately reminded me of The Burger’s Priest which we have in Toronto and the GTA. We definitely need more crinkle fries up here in Canada though. The shake was one of the best shakes I’ve had (which, to be fair, I don’t drink milkshakes often.) Blueberry and sweet corn may sound like an odd combination, but it totally worked and tasted like a blueberry muffin.

Later on that evening, we met up with Heidi’s friend (who was so kind to let us stay in her apartment for the 4 nights) for dinner at Cafeteria (119 7th Avenue). I can’t lie – I first heard of this place on Sex and the City, but when their Chicken and Waffles appeared in a blog post about NYC’s must eats, I knew I had to go.I ordered a mocktail (because I’m basically a child) which consisted of muddled strawberries and shiso leaf in soda and it was so refreshing! The shiso was a nice touch and good alternative to the usual mint or basil.YOU GUYS. This was totally worth the hype! It’s half a chicken, perfectly breaded and crispy while still maintaining juiciness. It was served with a decent acidic hot sauce (perhaps tabasco in there?) and syrup. The waffle was a touch on the dark side but didn’t taste burnt at all. Good god, I’m salivating just reminiscing. Heidi recommended the gelato at Eataly (Italian food hub owned by Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich in the Flatiron District) so obviously we had to go. I had a small tiramisu gelato which was the perfect size and ending to a big day of walking and delicious food.On Sunday morning, we went to Chelsea Market and had a quick breakfast before hunting for coffee beans (for the HF of course who is a mega coffee lover) followed by our appointment at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab (more on that in another post/video!)There are SO many food options in Chelsea Market (along with cute little shops) but really – we just wanted bagels. We decided to stop at Davidovich Bakery which was exactly what we were looking for.I ordered an iced chai latte (oh I forgot to mention – it was EXTREMELY HUMID all weekend – +45 Celsius with humidity) and the Davidovich (lox, cream cheese, capers, red onion, lettuce, tomato) on an Everything Pumpernickel bagel (which I have never seen before!) Definitely a satisfying breakfast.

After we had our custom lipsticks made and a little shopping, we walked up to Bleecker Street to have a late lunch at John’s Pizzeria. The HF had shown me a YT video about a dude who does pizza tours and this was one of the stops. Shane at Bite Beauty even recommended this place over the others I listed so obviously we had to go. It was so nice to finally have authentic New York pizza! We ordered a medium and on my half I got pepperoni (because really – why mess with a classic?) and basil (Heidi doesn’t eat pork, but she’s still ok in my books haha.)  Shane said that the proper technique was to fold the slice to eat it so being obedient, I listened to his advice. DAT OIL THO.He also recommended Big Gay Ice Cream in Greenwich Village and I made his day with this exchange:
Me: So we should check out Big Gay Ice Cream, eh?
Shane: Did you just say “eh” and mean it?!
Me: *mildly embarrassed but burst out laughing* Uhh..YEAH!
Shane: I didn’t know that was a real thing! I thought it was just a stereotype!!!
I was glad that my Canadian-ness made his day. This tip “jar” was a nice touch LOL. I indulged in the Bea Arthur which was vanilla soft-serve with dulce de leche covered in crushed Nilla wafers. SOOOO GOOD! Pretty much like a tamer version of Toronto’s Sweet Jesus.We shopped some more along Broadway (SoHo) until dinnertime, where we took the subway to the Lower East Side to go to Ivan Ramen (25 Clinton St). After watching Mind of a Chef (season 1), I became intrigued with Ivan Orkin who became famous for being a gaijin (foreigner) making amazing ramen in Tokyo. I ordered the Tokyu Shoyu Ramen that came with rye noodles (OMG.) The broth was INSANE! It’s a chicken and dashi broth mixed with soy sauce (hence, shoyu) and it was rich and flavourful as hell. Served with green onion, pickled bamboo, and marinated egg (not a beansprout in sight thank goodness!) this was the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever had. If you are a ramen lover, you NEED to come here if you’re in New York.We had a later start on Monday and just had cereal and fruit at the apartment before heading out for the day. For lunch though, there was just one place left that I had to go to. After reading Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang (and I do watch the TV series), I knew I needed to experience his food. Located in the East Village at 238 E. 14th Street, Baohaus is a small restaurant with a very urban feel. With hiphop blasting and the delicious aromas, I immediately felt at home.Their walls are covered in stickers and polaroids documenting their memories. I almost regretted not having any type of sticker to contribute. But mark my words – I will be back! Out of everything I ate over the weekend, this was by far my favourite meal. I ordered the Chairman Bao (Berkshire pork belly), Fried Fish Bao, and Taro fries served with Haus Sauce. The fish was delicious, but the moment I bit into the pork belly, I wanted to rap-battle my food (a la David So) and cry at the same time. It was sweet and savoury and rich and everything a pork belly bao should be. The taro fries were crispy and starchier than regular potato fries and the Haus sauce was a nice complement with a bit of a sweet and spicy kick. We also ordered the Sweet Bao Fries with Pandan sauce which I’ll admit looks really funky, but it was very sweet (condensed milk whatwhaaat) and was so satisfying to dip the bao in. I definitely need to come back here again at some point in my life…or perhaps one day, Eddie Huang will open one in Toronto…one can dream! Fortunately, we did a lot of walking despite the extreme heat so there was absolutely no guilt in this indulgent weekend. There are so many other places to eat and see in New York, so I hope to return sooner rather than later (however hopefully when it’s cooler outside LOL.)

Have you been to any of these awesome eateries? Let me know, or what your favourite restaurant is in NY! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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