Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Glow Palette

Hello everyone! Some time ago, everyone in the beauty world went nuts over the release of YouTube star Jaclyn Hill’s highlighter, Champagne Pop. I actually bought into the hype but ended up returning it as it was a bit too shimmery for my liking. I’m glad I did because apparently they changed the formulation slightly for the palette which was recently released as a limited edition item. I started seeing reviews and I decided to give it a chance since it came with 2 highlighters and 3 blushes. Boy am I glad I snagged one of these babies when I did!The Champagne Glow palette is one of the best limited edition palettes I have ever purchased. All 3 blushes are beautifully pigmented and the 2 highlighters are magical. Prosecco Pop however is definitely my preferred between the 2 since it gives a radiant golden glow. They’re all very finely milled and easily blendable and the lasting power is pretty impressive. Both blush and highlighter lasted on my face pretty much all day (so about 10 hours?) The only drawback is that the names are on a separate plastic cover and not imprinted onto the palette itself. Not a huge issue but it would’ve been nicer had it been that way.Here are the swatches (first one being Rose Spritz and last one being Prosecco Pop.) As you can see – the blushes are very different from one another, and Champagne Pop runs slightly more pink than Prosecco. I mixed the 2 highlighters with Champagne Pop being the prominent one and the glow was ridiculous! I generally just like Prosecco Pop though since the golden really complements my tanned skin, however it is so easy to amp up the intensity with these powders.The Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne Glow Palette ($62 CDN) is unfortunately sold out online with no replenishment planned. Call around to your local Sephora’s though because some of them still have a few! If you’re only going to splurge on one item this season, I highly recommend picking it up.

Let me know your thoughts on this palette! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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