Nyx Class of 2016 Prom

Hello everyone! I was recently invited to Nyx’s Class of 2016 Prom event in downtown Toronto. The theme was “Prom Glam” so I was immediately hit with a myriad of emotions. I love dressing up but at the same time – I am 30 years old and have no prom dresses! Fortunately I had a bridesmaid’s dress in my closet which I decided would be appropriate and bonus – got to get a 2nd wear out of it. I arrived at the Berkeley Church shortly after 7pm and almost immediately found some of my Canadian Beauty Blogger friends.
img_3121Who would’ve thought this old church would be such a great venue? Spacious and of course, decorated beautifully by Nyx, we were treated to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. This event was also to celebrate the grand opening of the new Nyx store at the Eaton Centre which was on the following day.
They had a giant lip-shaped wall for everyone to sign, so of course I needed to share my main beauty mantra.They had a plink-o game and 2 photobooth areas complete with props. Here I am with my friend Maria (and I completely forgot the other young woman’s name – comment and I will link you!)Props are always more fun! I love these bloggers! L-R: Zubie, Stephanie, me (obvi), Andreanne, Melanie, Vanessa, Chrissy. Go check out their blogs/social media!Thank you so much to Nyx Canada for this cute little swag bag! We received a colouring book, pencil crayons, and the Beauty School Dropout Graduate palette in a mini backpack! Upon arrival, we also got a Class of 2016 pin and I won a wee bottle of bubbles from the plink-o game. (My third photo booth photo is with Carly and Jill!)

Stay tuned for a review and swatches of the palette! How many years has it been since you went to prom? It’s been 12 for me! Let me know in the comments and thank you so much for stopping by!

If you haven’t entered my Generation Beauty Toronto Swag Bag giveaway yet – check out the post here!



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