Hit and Miss: ColourPop Ultra Satin & Ultra Matte Lip

Hello everyone! So after seeing numerous posts about ColourPop and experiencing some major FOMO, I decided to finally place an order as a birthday present to myself (one of many…no judgments.) ColourPop has risen to insane levels of popularity due to their low price points and decent quality. One of the common criticisms however is that there are still issues concerning the consistency of their quality control and I have definitely experienced this. I’ll review the eyeshadows in another post but today I wanted to share my thoughts on the 2 lip products I purchased. At $6 USD, these babies were sold out for the longest time. Many people bought the Ultra Matte Lips in a variety of colours, however I’m glad I waited for reviews. Since I heard some were very high maintenance, I decided to order just 1 matte and 1 satin for the time being to try them out. I picked up the Ultra Matte Lip in Mars and the Ultra Satin Lip in Prim.Prim is a beautiful deep/blackened red (merlot?) with a bit of a brown undertone whereas Mars is a bright and super dry warm toned fuschia. Obviously the satin lip has a bit of shine whereas the matte is extremely matte.I absolutely LOVE Prim! The Ultra Satin Lip formula is neither drying or particularly hydrating, but felt comfortable on the lips and stayed on basically all day (8 hrs.) It’s the perfect vampy and dramatic lip colour and is definitely a hit.Mars on the other hand was a complete and utter disappointment. These are basically on par with the Maybelline Vivid Matte liquids in terms of fail. Although this didn’t make my lips burn, this formula actually dried out my lips WITHIN MINUTES. I have never had a lip product make my lips look so wrinkly and dry. I even tried using a lip conditioner and lip balm another time as a base and it still ended up looking like dried paint almost immediately. Very disappointing considering the colour itself is really fun and vibrant.Mars has basically made me very hesitant about ordering any more Ultra Mattes but I foresee some more Ultra Satins in my future.

ColourPop Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte Lips ($6 USD) are available at http://www.colourpop.com. I highly recommend you try to get in on a group order or at least 1 other friend because shipping is around $13 USD.

Have you tried any ColourPop products? What are your picks? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


13 thoughts on “Hit and Miss: ColourPop Ultra Satin & Ultra Matte Lip

  1. lexilife says:

    Omg I have watched endless colour pop swatches on youtube and it has made me SO obsessed! They’re not available in the UK and I doubt they ever will be seeing as it takes so LONG for all the best bits to make its way over here. BOO you whore england! You look amazing though, I love the darker shade for me! xx


  2. Angela says:

    Too bad about the ultra mattes. It looks so matte in the swatch that it’s bound to be drying!! I haven’t hopped on the colourpop bandwagon yet but I want their lippie pencils!

    Raincouver Beauty

  3. Monica Booth says:

    I was trying to find the *perfect* neutral lip colour for so long, and when I heard about ColorPop and it’s low price point, I tried a bunch of their more neutral Lippy Stix shades to see if any of them worked. Alas, not a single shade looked good on me. They were all either way too brown or way too peach. I didn’t have an issue with the texture though, and I do use one, I think it’s called Cookie, without the lip liner and it has just enough pink to work. I like the Lippy Stix primer but I haven’t really given it a true workout. Also all the lip pencils from that line were very problematic. Like I couldn’t turn them to get more product. The search continues.

    • staygorgeous says:

      I suggest going to your nearest Mac or Sephora, trying out a whole bunch of colours, then googling the name of it + dupe to find a less expensive option. OR just splurge on 1 great lipstick! πŸ™‚

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