OOAK Toronto Spring Show 2016

Hello everyone! I seem to have some sort of luck with winning tickets to the One of a Kind Shows – I won tickets through Twitter for the Holiday 2015 show and I won my Spring show tickets via Instagram. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with OOAK, it is basically a tradeshow featuring local companies with unique (or “One of a Kind” if you will) handmade products. This is a dangerous place for shopaholics since it’s SO easy to justify the purchase.
“I’m supporting a local business!”
“I won’t find this anywhere else!”
“I just met the creator/owner and they’re so nice!”These emoji cookies from Teeny Tiny Bakery are SO cute! Hard to resist!
Cute card from Sea and Lake – blobfish are so weird.
Anyway, I managed to show some restraint and only bought stuff I actually loved. Here’s what I picked up:-Concrete Planter + succulent  from Double L Decor (I am currently waiting for a hot pink one to become available….hot pink and gold? YAS PLZ.)
-Buttons from Sea + Lake Paper Co. (these buttons basically represent the eternal struggle: Donuts? YAAAAAAAAS! or NOPE.
-Mini Magnetic Sushi Bookmarks from Craftedvan (put adorable little faces on something and I generally will enjoy it.)
-I also bought a sleeve of 7 cans of tuna/salmon but they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as these items so….. 😛

Have you been to OOAK before? If you haven’t and you basically love Etsy type things, you NEED to go! Check out the OOAK website to stay updated on when the next show is happening OR shop their online store!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “OOAK Toronto Spring Show 2016

  1. Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry says:

    (Actually, we can technically apply for press passes. I felt guilty for applying for one last year since I like paying for things(??), but Jen (VVV Beauty) + Jenn (A Beautiful Zen) encouraged me to apply and we all got press passes in, which was pretty cool)(I ended up buying a fkton of stuff)
    I LOVE Sea + Lake (did a mini stationery haul at OOAK last spring) and I’ve been thinking of making some concrete planters since they’re so expensive on Etsy.

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