Yellow Tail X Medulla & Co #redmoscatobubbles Event + Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas!

Hello everyone! I recently had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Yellow Tail Wines at Medulla & Co on Queen St. West. This was to celebrate the launch of their Red Moscato Bubbles and Pink Bubbles sparkling wines and have a little pre-Valentine’s Day festive fun.I, along with other beauty/style bloggers were greeted with little desserts and glasses of bubbly of our choice. Truth be told, I am not really a wine/champagne person but I did enjoy the Pink Bubbles. Again, not being a connoisseur, I can’t tell you much about the flavours in my own words, but the notes from Yellow Tail describe it as having hints of strawberries, red cherry, spice and tropical fruit flavours (which is probably why I enjoyed it – very fruity!) I didn’t try the red but others who did said while it was on the sweeter side, they still thoroughly enjoyed it. It contains vibrant strawberry and raspberry flavours with subtle hints of forest fruits. The whole focus of Yellow Tail is to make wines more approachable and to celebrate more of the everyday moments.
They were also offering some fun Valentine’s Day-themed hair decorating/styling such as glitter parts and hair stenciling. I opted for the stenciling since we all know glitter stays around forever. It’s basically a hair-safe spray paint that washes out easily. I wanted to try and keep them for the next day, however during the night, the hearts decided to go astray and were unrecognizable in the morning.
I had a really fun time and met a lot of different bloggers. Now although I don’t have any big plans for Valentine’s Day (gym, haircut, Netflix), I was given some great pairing suggestions for the Red Moscato Bubbles and Pink Bubbles in case you’re still trying to figure something out!
Wine Pairings for Valentine Day (Red Moscato Bubbles)
As an aperitif, straight or in a cocktail
With appetizers:
Plate of soft cheese, crackers and dried fruits
Carpaccio with Parmesan tuile and arugula
Strawberry ricotta tartlets
Main course:
General Tao Chicken (if you don’t feel like cooking!)
Filet mignon with pomegranate red wine reduction served with sweet potatoes
Cranberry apple stuffed pork loin
Brie, caramelized onion and mushroom pizza
Strawberry panna cotta
Fresh strawberry ice cream
Vanilla and strawberry cupcakes
Cheesecake with a Raspberry sauce
Brownie & strawberry

Wine Pairings for Valentine Day (Pink Bubbles)
As an aperitif, straight or in a cocktail
With appetizers:
BLT Caprese Sliders with Puff Pastry Buns
Main course:
Watermelon, Strawberry and cherry tomato salad
Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs
Crab Crescent Loaf
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Macarons
Rose Petal Milk Chocolate
Raspberry tart
Chocolate covered strawberries

Thanks so much to Yellow Tail for the pairing suggestions and Medulla & Co for hosting and providing the festive hairstyling services!


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