Meeting David So

Hello everyone! Now even though I watch a lot of beauty YouTubers, I do have a few favourites that do not fall under that category. One of the comedians that I am a big fan of is David So. Based in LA, David So is a (former?) stand-up comedian who has parlayed into a YouTube sensation with over 1 million subscribers. He is best known for his vlogs where he rants/shares his opinions on a variety of topics such as current events, race issues, etc. and the occasional short film series. He is also documenting his weight loss journey through his Funny Fat Fit series and has amassed a social media following turned community to encourage each other on their quest for improving personal health  (#FunnyFatFitFam).
If you are unfamiliar with him, check out this video – one of my favourites! (WARNING: contains coarse language)

Anyway, I recently noticed on his Instagram account that he was coming to Ontario to be a guest judge at the University of Western Ontario “Western Voice” competition and I just couldn’t turn down an opportunity to meet him. I’d never been to London before (it’s almost 2 hours away from where I live) so I figured, why not. It was definitely interesting to be at a university event surrounded by students as it has been so long since I graduated university (2008 whatWHAAAT!) There was a VIP Meet and Greet before the show and lots of people were lining up to meet him. I was really excited but managed to keep my cool…even though I was shaking afterwards. Apparently I was the only person to actually introduce myself when it was my turn so he told me I had excellent social skills (hah.) He is such a nice and chill guy and it was really great to just have a quick little chat (JK Films team – please come to Toronto and bring David with you!) The show began just a bit after 6pm and was hosted by Western’s Chinese Students’ Association (CSA). This was their annual singing competition and featured 10 very talented competitors with amazing voices (shoutout to Kyla Lee and Unni Pulipra who have phenomenal talent and of course, Justin Maki who won) and it was so great hearing and seeing David’s reactions.
We were also treated to a stand-up/motivational performance from the man himself in which he talked about his wacky parents, growing up in south Sacramento, and alluded to his upcoming TED talk (can’t wait!) It was inspiring to hear him talk about making choices for YOUR life and not what other people want for your life. If I had been sleep deprived, I probably would’ve cried. All in all, it was definitely worth the drive out and the long drive home afterwards. I hope I get the opportunity to speak to him again – although I made sure to stick around at the end to thank him for Funny Fat Fit…he is definitely one of my role models!

Subscribe to David So at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @Davidsocomedy.

Who are your social media role models? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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