EATS: J Red & Co

Hello everyone! While it’s no secret that I generally tell people not to bother coming to Brampton unless you’re going to visit family or go to T by Daniel (seriously…there’s nothing to write home about here),  this is no longer the case! Instead of telling my friends to come grab a Lion Chai before we leave the city to go shopping, I will be inviting them to come for brunch/lunch first before we go anywhere else.J. Red & Co is a new restaurant that just recently opened near Downtown Brampton. Executive Chef Jason Rosso (of Food Network fame) has finally brought something new and exciting to the very limited Brampton foodie scene.The restaurant is very spacious yet maintaining a cozy, rustic theme. It also brings a bit of style that is reminiscent of any hip Toronto eatery with unique artwork on the walls.
This mural is pretty fantastic. I recently came here with Brampton bloggers, Nikita of Bramptonist and Daniel of Eat This Brampton for brunch. After perusing their menu online the night before, I knew I had to try “Ricky’s Mac and Cheese Samosas” ($10.50.) Brainchild of Rick Matharu, winner of Season 2 of Recipe to Riches, these samosas were indulgent and delicious! A fantastic union of east meets west, the outer layer was seasoned perfectly and inside was tender mac and cheese. The cilantro and red curry ketchup were the perfect accents to counteract the richness of the filling. We also shared the “Creole Spiced Brisket Bombs” ($10) and while Daniel (and his girlfriend, he shared) love these, I personally was not a fan. I was just expecting the usual texture of brisket, whereas the filling is more of a mushy ground beef texture. I did enjoy dipping the fries in the creole mustard though – contains a good amount of horseradish.
I decided to order “Benny Hills” ($13.50) since eggs benedict is too good to pass up. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the BEST eggs benny dishes I’ve ever had. The eggs were poached (at least to me) perfectly and were SO flavourful. When I cut into the yolk and let it run out, it was like magic. The hollandaise was the perfect texture – not too thick, and it was buttery goodness. The little slaw on the side was a nice touch so I didn’t feel COMPLETELY unhealthy (hah) and the crispy skillet hash browns were of course very enjoyable (because how can you hate fried potatoes?) All in all, I cannot WAIT to go back to J. Red and Co to give their other menu items a try. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner options and also feature wood-fired pizza.

J. Red & Co is located at 341 Main St. N (corner of Main and Vodden). You can find them online at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you been to J. Red & Co yet? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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