Cozy Comforts feat. Sock Closet

Hello everyone! Winter is coming and since I’ve been inspired by the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network to share my cozy favourites for chilly days and nights.  The most essential item to ensure maximum coziness is a cup of tea. I love making tea lattes at home (however with no fancy frother, I resort to just shaking the heck out of my carton of almond milk), and one of my current favourites is Caramel Popcorn from T by Daniel. It is a black tea (so moderate amount of caffeine) with walnut, almond, and apple pieces that is as delicious as its namesake.
Taking a nice hot shower (or bath if you prefer) is also very soothing especially after you’ve been walking outside or (ugh) shoveling the driveway. My current bath product of choice is the Buffy Body Butter from Lush. With hints of lavender and skin moisturizing shea and cocoa butter, this bar leaves my skin feeling ridiculously buttery soft.
Clearly, soft and sweet scents are my idea of comfort and my new Woodlot Rekindle coconut wax candle really helps set the mood for relaxation. Infused with organic vanilla and sandalwood, this puts a twist to the typical vanilla candle.
It wouldn’t be a cozy evening without the proper wearable gear which for me includes my giant herringbone/zig zag blanket scarf from Zara and of course, socks! I prefer socks over slippers as my feet tend to get warm really quickly in slippers whereas I find socks a good balance of coziness without getting sweaty. Sock Closet  is a new Canadian subscription box service* that features – you guessed it – fun socks! For $12 a month, you get a new pair of printed socks, and if you sign up for a 6-month subscription, you get an extra pair your first month for free! They recently sent me their men’s and women’s boxes to review (because really, socks are pretty much unisex anyway) and I really enjoyed the aquatic theme. They have also kindly provided a coupon code for 25% off your first month when you sign up for a monthly subscription! Use code staygorgeouslc25 to save!

What are your cozy comfort picks? Let me know by leaving a comment! Please feel free to ask any questions about anything I’ve mentioned in this post. Thanks so much for stopping by, and stay warm!

DISCLAIMER: The subscription box service mentioned in the post provided me with a sample for the purposes of review. All other products were purchased by me alone. All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the brands or any of their affiliates.


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