EATS: Ramen Isshin

Hello everyone! One of my favourite foods is Japanese ramen and I am sharing with you my top favourite ramen restaurant in Toronto. Located on College Street at Bathurst, Ramen Isshin serves up THE BEST ramen I’ve ever had. Believe me when I say that this place is definitely #1 in my top 3 (will post on the other 2 in the future…)  Inside looks more traditionally Japanese than some other highly marketed ramen spots and what I love about this place is that because it is SO underrated and to me, a somewhat hidden gem, there is NEVER a line (or at least when I’ve been!) As soon as you enter, you are greeted with a Japanese welcome from the staff; lively and energetic, but not too loud. I love the dragon mural on the walls.I’ve been here so many times now and have tried quite a few things. Their karaage (not pictured unfortunately) is a must. Perfectly seasoned and battered fried chicken is the key to anyone’s heart…unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, in which case, check out their Cucumber Miso appetizer served with red miso as pictured below! Savory and a bit spicy, it is a perfectly balanced starter with the freshness of the cucumber.   My favourite ramen dish at Isshin is their Kotteri Shoyu Tsukemen. It is served with thick ramen noodles, marinated egg, pork shoulder, nori, and bamboo shoots on the side and a bubbling hot stone bowl of extra rich broth for dipping. This, my friends is truly comfort food to the max/ramen heaven on earth.   Every now and then if I’m not super stuffed (which is rare) after the tsukemen, I’ll indulge in dessert. One visit during the summer, I decided to try the green tea and black sesame mochi ice cream. If you’ve never had mochi ice cream, it’s basically when ice cream is stuffed in a glutinous rice cake ball. While I enjoy both main ingredients individually, the combination of textures was just not my thing. Tasted great, but I probably would just order green tea or black sesame ice cream next time.  One of their most popular desserts is their fresh mango pudding. Chunks of mango in a creamy firm pudding makes this a refreshing end to the perfect meal. I highly recommend ordering this if you’re not too full!

Ramen Isshin is located at 421 College St, Toronto. You can find them online at, and you can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @ramenisshin.

What’s your favourite ramen restaurant? Have you ever been to Ramen Isshin? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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