QUICK REVIEW: Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Hey everyone! I decided to pick up the newest Maybelline foundation a few weeks ago when it finally arrived in Canada since I’d been seeing so much hype through social media. Read on for my thoughts about this product!

BetterSkin_Foundation_25_Nude_Beige_pack-shotFrom Maybelline.com: Superstay Better Skin Foundation gives an all-day flawless coverage and better-looking skin in 3 weeks. The foundation reduces the appearance of spots, dullness and uneveness and gives you a brighter, more even and stress-free skin. […] With the antioxidant power of Actyl-C, a more durable form of vitamin C. For all skin types. Medium to full coverage.
PROS: My skin did look brighter and this seemed to help a zit scar lighten up a bit, and also seemed to even out a bit of the hyperpigmentation I have on my face.
CONS: It’s a bit thicker than my beloved Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation, and unfortunately the colour, 125 Nude Beige  (which I tweeted at Maybelline for a recommendation) runs pink-toned against my skin so it’s not my perfect match. It is also not a mattifying formula, so for my combo-oily skin, I prefer the Matte + Poreless.
WOULD I REPURCHASE? Hmmm for my skin type and my minor skin concerns, I wouldn’t say this is necessary for me. I am currently going to use up what I have from other brands (I’ve got Burberry Cashmere and YSL Encre de Peau on the go) but will definitely be going back to the Matte + Poreless afterward. If you have more of an uneven skin tone without issues of oiliness and are looking for a drugstore serum foundation, this is definitely worth a try! (Hopefully your local store has testers…)
Are you using a serum foundation? Let me know if you have any recommendations on that front! Thanks so much for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “QUICK REVIEW: Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

  1. dolledupbyj says:

    Great review! I’m always worried that the new “brightening” makeup and skincare will result in me looking pale! As a result I tend to avoid anything with the word “brightening” ha! xo J

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