Givenchy Live Irresistible Launch

Hey everyone! I recently received the opportunity to attend Dave Lackie’s Toronto launch of Givenchy’s newest fragrance called Live Irresistible. It brought me right back to where my first perfume launch was last August – the beautiful Arcadian Loft located in the Hudson’s Bay building at on Bay and Queen. I waited for a while at the wrong elevator (I took the one that was in the store last year but this year it was only accessible through another section of the building) so I was slightly flustered when I arrived but was immediately relieved and happy to see some familiar faces.
The featured cocktail of the evening was inspired by Live Irresistible and made with Rose Absolut (I’m not a fan of rose flavoured anything) and pineapple juice and garnished with edible flowers. It looked beautiful but truth be told – it wasn’t my cup of tea.   As you will hear in the vlog (embedded below!), Live Irresistible is a spicy, fruity fragrance with topnotes of pineapple. I was worried it would smell strongly of roses, however it definitely comes across more refreshingly fruity with only a slight hint of floral. Givenchy is the only brand that has multiple scents that I like. I own the classic Hot Couture Eau de Toilette and I am still longing for Organza Indecence (I’m not sure if this was discontinued or what but I remember smelling it in university and falling in love!)
The decor of the room was absolutely gorgeous. The floral arrangements were so beautiful with roses and ivy. I totally wanted to take one of the centerpieces home (although I’m sure that would’ve been not only challenging but frowned upon haha.) We were treated to a decadent dinner by Oliver and Bonacini and the selections were also inspired by the fragrance and were chosen by the Givenchy PR team.
As with all of these events, I did take this menu home as another momento!  The dressing on this salad was a little spicy and full of flavour! Pickled onions, watermelon radish, and shaved heirloom carrots added beautiful colour and texture.
This chicken was so juicy and deliciously seasoned. It was my first time having farro!  This dessert was EVERYTHING. It even had creamy chocolate hidden inside the bread pudding! Even though I was so full, this dessert was too good to not finish! After dinner, we were also treated to an extensive Q & A with general manager of Givenchy, David Titheridge.
Dave and I at the end of the event. I am so glad I was able to attend this awesome event. Mr. Lackie never disappoints and is ALWAYS a fantastic host! (And yes…my dress matches my FitBit perfectly LOL) *Shoutouts to Burberry for the contouring*  The Blue Jays were playing during this event and fortunately, many were checking the scores and catching bits of it to keep us updated. This is Patrick (who is the Cityline videographer) and I celebrating the win!
Thank you SO much to Dave Lackie and Givenchy for the wonderful gift bag! I received a bottle of Live Irresistible along with the Very Irresistible Eau de Toilette spray, Very Irresistible Body Veil, a beautiful pink rose, a pink Givenchy pencil, and perhaps my favourite: a Givenchy Post-It pad!! That is not sarcastic at all; I have mad love for stationery.

If you’re looking for a beautiful perfume that is a mix of floral and fruity, check out the new Live Irresistible which is available now at Hudson’s Bay.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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