Effortless Beauty: Burberry Arrives at Sephora!

Hello everyone! I was recently invited to the Burberry blogger event at Sephora Square One to celebrate their launch. Previously, Burberry had only been available at Holt Renfrew (however is no longer carried there), the Burberry boutique in Yorkville (and of course online at burberry.com) and most recently, Hudson’s Bay. I love that this iconic British brand is now available at Sephora Square One and online at Sephora.com since hey – if you’re going to splurge on some beautiful high end makeup, may as well earn some Beauty Insider Points! This is a long post, so grab a snack and perhaps a cup of tea, and come with me to this exciting launch!

I sat in the Burberry Press seat – what a treat!

I arrived at the store just before my appointment at 5:30pm, and was immediately greeted by the PR Director, Karine. She gave me a quick tour of the Burberry section at Sephora and also pointed out their top products. I then met the regional trainer for Burberry, Sophia, who was my makeup artist who taught me a lot of new application tips as well as sharing valuable information about the permanent collection, as well as the new releases for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Contouring is easier than you think!

Sophia taught me how to contour – something that I have avoided learning about since every diagram or demo I’d seen previously looked daunting. With the new Burberry Effortless Contouring Pen and Fresh Glow Highlighting Pen, contouring is pretty user-friendly and easier than you think. These pens are almost crayon-like (although not as chunky as comparable products) and are super smooth and creamy. The texture makes it easy to apply and blend out. Sophia recommended that for the contouring shade, apply it where you want to create more shadow to sculpt, and use clean cosmetic wedges to buff/wipe away pigment so that it leaves a faint stain. To blend out the highlighter, simply use a clean foundation brush to blend, blend, blend. The highlighter blends into my skin beautifully – it just melts in instead of sitting on top of my skin. Product photos are farther down in this post!  Here are all of the products Sophia used on me and what I am wearing in the photo below!
Fresh Glow – Luminous Fluid Base 01 Nude Radiance
Cashmere Foundation Fluid 34 Warm Nude
Cashmere Concealer 04 Honey
Light Glow – Natural Blush 07 Earthy Blush
Lip & Cheek Bloom 11 Purple Tulip
Burberry Effortless Contouring Pen No. 01 Medium
Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen
A/W 2015 Runway Palette
Eye Colour Cream No. 102 Mink (this cream shadow was like the magical finishing touch to make the eyeshadow colours look perfectly blended! This is definitely something I will be picking up in the future. EDIT: Bought it a week after the event!)
Effortless Eyebrow Definer No. 01 Barley (I am also intrigued by Ebony and will also be picking it up some day to compare with my Cle de Peau 204)
Effortless Bold Lash Mascara No. 01 Ebony
Lip Definer Lip Shaping Pencil No. 14 Oxblood
Lip Velvet No. 425 Damson (she had originally intended on using the Oxblood Lip Velvet, but by some happy accident, Damson was left at the station instead and it actually worked quite well! Sophia also amped up the look by applying some of the Lip & Cheek Bloom that was on my cheeks onto my lips.)
According to Sophia, the keys to photogenic skin are texture, structure, and luminosity. This is why your base makeup (aka foundation, etc) is extremely important since it is essentially your canvas to work your magic on. Contouring creates structure, and luminosity is all about having that “lit from within” type glow. This is why she also recommended the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base since the water-based formula perfectly seeps into your skin and still makes your skin look radiant even after you apply your foundation. 

The fabulous Sophia and I

Here are some close up shots of the products I was generously given to enjoy at home!
I received the Effortless Contouring Pen*, Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen*, Lip Velvet No. 437 Oxblood* (featured recently at London Fashion Week), and Iconic Nail Colour No. 100 Nude Beige.*Oxblood is a beautiful demi matte, deep berry-leaning crimson with hints of plum. It is a beautiful fall shade and the Lip Velvet formula is their reformulated lipstick that is non-drying and delivers rich pigmentation.
The Iconic Nail Colour in Nude Beige performed surprisingly well in terms of longevity and is big 3-free. It lasted for 6 days before chipping (with my beloved Seche Vite topcoat.) The only gripe (with all light polishes) is that it required 4 coats for complete opacity.If anyone has any tips to reduce the number of coats and still get maximum opacity, please let me know in the comments!   Here are the Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen and Effortless Contouring Pen. As aforementioned, these make contouring so easy as long as you have some cosmetic wedges and a good foundation or buffing brush. I love the creamy texture of these pens! Of course, I took Sophia’s advice to heart about her must-haves and that it’s all about that base (groan) and picked up the Cashmere Foundation in Warm Nude, Cashmere Concealer in Honey, and Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy Blush. I also received 2 deluxe samples for making a purchase on the launch weekend!
The Earthy Blush is a medium brown blush that is suitable to layer on top of the contouring pen to set the colour. Since I don’t have any blush similar to this shade, I figured it was worth buying to complement the pen.

I am so grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity from Burberry and had such a great time learning and getting dolled up.

Have you tried anything from Burberry’s beauty range? If not, what are you interested in checking out? Let me know in the comments!

Burberry is available now at Sephora Square One, online at Sephora.com, Burberry.com, thebay.com, and at select Hudson’s Bay stores.

DISCLAIMER: Some products mentioned in this post were provided as PR samples for the purposes of review and are marked with asterisks. I purchased all others as mentioned in the post. My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the brands or any of its’ affiliates.


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