#LovingLaneige: Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Foam Cleanser*

Hello everyone! Before I tried this, I had only vaguely heard about Laneige. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Laneige is actually owned by Korean luxury skincare brand, AmorePacific. For those of you who may not be aware, Korean skincare is probably some of the best in the world – so it’s no wonder that North Americans are beginning to take notice of Korean skincare brands (ie: The Face Shop, Laneige, etc).This cleanser comes in a pressurized (aerosol?) canister with a plastic pump. I love the embossed polka dots on the packaging – such a nice touch. The scent is reminiscent of men’s cologne – a bit of a marine smell but not at all offensive which is very important to me. To apply, you shake the canister first and then apply the foam cleanser onto DRY skin – that’s right people, dry! After you’ve applied it evenly all over your face, you rinse it off with warm water. Easy, right? I must admit, I was a little worried when I saw the word foam because I had associated any type of foaming cleanser with stripping skin of moisture. I think the difference is in the lack of “-ing” – generally a face cleanser that lathers into a foam will strip your skin, however the texture of this cleanser is actually foam – kind of like putting shaving cream (or what I would imagine shaving cream would feel like…) all over your face.  My skin felt soft and smooth – not particularly hydrating, but definitely not drying. My face feels very clean but it leaves my skin softer than when I use my Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Cleansing Bar (which smells amazing and is a great cleanser, however leaves my skin feeling almost…too squeaky clean and therefore not as supple.)Now because it does contain exfoliating elements, I do not use this as a daily cleanser since I tend to have combination-oily skin. If you weren’t aware – exfoliating too often actually stimulates and increases the production of facial oils so I use this maximum twice a week.

Laneige is now available here in Canada at Sephora. I’m definitely interested in trying out more products from their range!

DISCLAIMER: The product mentioned in this post was provided complimentary for the purposes of testing and review. My opinions are as always, my own and are in no way influenced by third party sponsors or affiliates, nor do they necessarily reflect those of the brand or any of its’ affiliates.


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