It’s Back! Bobbi Brown LE Highlight Powder in Pink Glow

Last Christmas…I gave you my heart…

Bobbi Brown, you beautiful woman, you’ve brought it back! Holiday 2014 brought us the elegant tortoise-shelled limited edition Scotch on the Rocks collection which included 2 of the most beautiful highlighting powders I’d ever seen. I hunted down the Pink Glow colourway as it was only available at Holts at the time and sold out super quickly. (If you haven’t realized already…if I’m hooked on getting a certain product, I go all Liam Neeson a la Taken until I find it LOL.) Anyway, both colours (Pink Glow and Bronze Glow) have returned again for a limited time, this time also available at Sephora but in the traditional Bobbi Brown black packaging. If you’re interested in Pink Glow, check out the swatch at the bottom!  

 Dat packaging tho. Sorry – I am in love with the gold lettering that perfectly complements the luxe tortoise-shell feel.
Pink Glow in the pan has a marbled effect of rosy pink and pearly white. As with most face powders these days, it is *drumroll please*…….very finely milled (sorry lol) and therefore very soft to the touch and almost buttery. It blends easily to the skin with very subtle shimmer (definitely not chunky-glittery). Pink Glow and Bronze Glow are back for a limited time at Sephora (and likely Hudson’s Bay and Holts – I will double check and report back if different). Of all the highlighters I own, this is definitely one of my top picks!

Did you miss out on these highlights last year? Which one are you interested in? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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