EATS: Petit Nuage

Hello everyone! I’m going to make a bold statement that may polarize my readers: macarons are the new cupcakes. I’ve tried many places for these delicious little French cookies and I definitely have a top 3. One of my favourites is Petit Nuage.  Tucked away at Market 707 (Bathurst and Dundas), it is very easy to miss the first time around. There are 2 sections of shipping container stalls, many of which house some of Toronto’s best eats. Petit Nuage specializes in Asian-inspired flavoured desserts such as roll cake, layer cake, cream puffs, and of course, macarons.The owner and baker, Stephanie also makes a killer matcha latte – made with matcha from Kyoto and lots of love. I decided to try it iced with vanilla and soy milk (fun fact: if you’re drinking matcha for the antioxidant benefits, never add products that are from animals like cow’s milk or honey. They actually kill the antioxidants!) as well as the green tea cream puff.   The iced matcha was perfect (my friend Laura said the hot latte is the best matcha latte she’s ever had…including from when she lived in Japan) and the cream puff was a heavenly indulgence. The pastry was delicate and deliciously crumbly and the cream…WOW. This is a MUST when you visit Petit Nuage.I also brought home a box of macarons of course, and I immediately fell in love with the adorable cat tea party print on the box. These kitties are also featured on magnets now being sold at the shop (and I am still sending the vibes that it will one day be on a tote bag because it is PURRRRRRRfection!) All of the flavours I picked up were fragrant (L-R: Milky Earl Grey, Matcha, Apricot-Jasmine, Lemon-Lavender, HK Milk Tea, Strawberry Basil), however my favourite one was definitely HK Milk Tea.

Petit Nuage is located at 707 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Check out the Facebook page, and you can also follow on Instagram (@petitnuagetoronto) and Twitter (@petitnuageTO) for daily offerings.

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2 thoughts on “EATS: Petit Nuage

  1. nurilen says:

    Reblogged this on greentealicious and commented:
    Macarons are DEFINITELY the new cupcakes… but are definitely expensive cupcakes at that.
    Petit Nuage looks like a must-see when in Toronto. I love matcha so I’m curious to try their matcha treats!

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