EATS: Cristina’s Tortina Shop

Hello everyone! For a long time, Brampton was lacking an actual cupcake shop. Sure there are many delicious bakeries in the city, but to find a great cupcake (and I mean made from scratch) you generally had to travel to Mississauga or Toronto. Enter Mary Iusso, proud owner of Cristina’s Tortina Shop.  The amazing story behind this humble little bake shop is that Mary named it after her daughter, Cristina, who was born with Down Syndrome. They create equal employment opportunities for people with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other special needs. Above all, they advocate for supporting individuals in the special needs communities and showcasing the abilities of these people.
I recently popped in after seeing it on my friend, Brampton Origin Eats’ blog and decided to take a few of their creations home. Their shop is in a small and unassuming plaza in the south west part of Brampton. The staff are friendly and passionate about what they do and the main message of eating with heart, or #eatwithheart. Mary was very interested in my Kate Spade bag I was carrying that day (my beloved 2 Park Ave Beau) so we definitely chatted about shopping along with cupcakes and food in the city.
I picked up 4 cupcakes: Serendipity (vanilla and chocolate marble – their signature cupcake), Pazzi Per Nutella, Creamy Dreamy Cookie – probably my favourite, and Caramello. Their cupcakes are baked daily from scratch and feature real Italian buttercream, which is very rich and buttery. They also offer cookies, pie pops, custom cakes and other delicious goodies. I cannot wait to go back and I love their story and their cause.

Cristina’s Tortina Shop is located at 17 Ray Lawson Blvd, Unit 9 in Brampton. You can find them online at and you can follow them on Twitter @CTortinaShop and Instagram @tortina 321.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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