QUICK REVIEW: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water-Light Sunscreen

Hey everyone! I never used to wear sunscreen. When I was younger, I never ever got burned – I would only get tanned. I now however realize that regardless of burning or not, my skin is still getting damaged. I am now a total sunscreen convert and I use 2 different ones for my face and for my body (I use Ombrelle SPF45). This is the one I use on my face!
neutrogenaFrom Neutrogena.ca: NEUTROGENA® ULTRA SHEER® WATER-LIGHT® Daily Face Sunscreen SPF 60 delivers highly effective protection in a breakthrough lightweight liquid lotion format for daily skin protection from the sun. Creates an even, sheer finish. Works beautifully on your skin alone or under make-up and moisturizers. Helps prevent sunburn.
PROS: It is as the name would suggest, very light. I’ve used this as a primer and I would say the texture is very close to my beloved Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, however a touch thicker. The scent is noticeable however not offensive like your typical sunscreen. I have it in SPF60, but it is also available in SPF45.
CONS: It’s a little on the pricier side considering there’s only 40mL. I picked this up on sale for $12.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart (it is probably this price or slightly less regularly at other retailers).
WOULD I REPURCHASE? Absolutely! The formula is thin, effective (no sunburns here), and works perfectly with makeup. I will definitely shop around though to see which store offers the best price.

Seriously though – at the risk of sounding like Baz Luhrmann – wear sunscreen. Skin damage is real and skin cancer is no joke! What sunscreen do you use? Thanks so much for stopping by!



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