EATS: Lisa Marie

Hello everyone! If you’re into the food truck scene, you’ll know that Fidel Gastro is definitely a must when you’re in Toronto. Not too long ago, they opened up their brick and mortar restaurant located in the heart of the fashion district called Lisa Marie. They feature innovative and modern takes on street food with awesome fusion. A little while back, Britt and I decided to have dinner here to catch up and eat some delicious food. One of the most popular dishes that we had to get was the Pad Thai Fries ($6 or $7 – can’t remember – it was a daily feature which you can actually make at home with this recipe…but I doubt it’ll taste as good as the ones there :P) It tastes exactly like how it sounds – like taking pad thai sauce and tossing fries in it, which is simply delish.We also ordered the Double Pork Dumplings ($11) which were pork and leek dumplings with bacon and sour cream. I love the mix of the traditional Chinese dumpling with the more Western ingredients.I also enjoyed that they were seared on the sides so you got that homemade-gyoza type tenderness with the slight crispy texture.
We ordered the Maple Hot Cauliflower ($9) since we felt we needed some sort of vegetable with our dinner. This was probably our least favourite just because the different flavors of maple, sriracha, and garlic mixed together was…I would say distinct. Perhaps it was the torching that brought on the odd flavor. While we didn’t dislike it as Britt and I are pretty adventurous in our food choices, it’s probably not something we’d order again.  I cannot for the life of me remember what this dish was called (EDIT: They tweeted me – Sugo and bread!) – it was another daily feature and it was probably the best thing we ate there. Meatballs, tomato sauce, basil and other delicious herbs I’m guessing. I know I know, seems really simple but hot damn! Served with a bag of warm, crusty bread to dip, it was the perfect comfort food.
I cannot wait to go back to try some of their other amazing sounding and looking food! Fried Cornish Hen and Corn Bread Waffles? YES PLEASE!

Lisa Marie is located at 638 Queen St. West in Toronto. You can check them out and/or make reservations online at and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @fidelgastros. You can also locate the Fidel Gastro’s food truck via

Have you been to Lisa Marie or visited Fidel Gastro’s food truck? What’s your favourite dish? Thanks so much for stopping by!


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