First Impressions: Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch

Hello everyone! So in last month’s Topbox, I received a sample of the Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch and I finally took the time to try it out.
eyekoFrom Our botanically infused eye patches instantly brighten and revive eyes for a wide-awake look. Concentrated anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients treat the delicate eye area visibly diminishing dark shadows and puffiness, leaving skin hydrated and firm.
What I experienced: Well…unfortunately I had to take these off after a few minutes as my eyes were burning and then my skin started to feel itchy. You’re supposed to leave them on for 30 but that was definitely not happening in my case. I don’t have sensitive skin in general, so something in this formula just didn’t work for me. The patches feel a bit slimy but cool to the touch, so I can see how some people would enjoy these and find them soothing. Sad because I was looking forward to my first under-eye mask experience and Eyeko is known for having good eye products.

Have you tried these before? Do you have another undereye mask that may work for me? Let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by, and please go subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already – I will be doing an eyeshadow tutorial (my first actual tutorial!) VERY soon!


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