QUICK REVIEW: The Face Shop Black Yeast Peel-Off Pack

Hello everyone! I feel as though The Face Shop is highly underrated in the beauty blogging community and I am so excited to continue to try more of their products. Here is a really quick review about their Black Yeast Peel-Off Pack.
faceshopblackyeastThis mask is formulated with sesame seed extract, sunflower seed extract, rice powder, and soybean extract. The scent is faintly sweet with a subtle hint of a typical facial skincare product, but it also smells like an Asian dessert…like black sesame.
PROS: It smells really nice and I love peel off masks because even though it looks gross to peel off, it’s strangely satisfying. My skin felt really smooth right after and it was easy to use. Best of all, this mask is extremely affordable at $12 CDN – totally worth at least a try!
CONS: I’m not sure if it was because of hormonal changes, but it did hurt a little to peel off. Not unbearable but not pleasant. Like I said, it may have just been PMS (haha TMI?)
Would I repurchase this product? It’s definitely one of the better masks I’ve tried so it’d be a serious contender. I’m still on a journey to find my favourite mask, however in terms of drugstore pricing with great quality, this one is a definite pick!

What are your favourite products from The Face Shop? Or have you ever even tried anything from The Face Shop? Let me know, along with any mask recommendations you have! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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