PSA: T by Daniel

Hello everyone! So this is a non-beauty post but definitely relates to something I love – tea. I also enjoy supporting small/local businesses whenever I can since I grew up in a family owned and operated restaurant, so I understand that it can be quite hard when you run your own company.

Now although I do enjoy tea from many different places and brands, the one that I love supporting is T by Daniel in Brampton, Ontario. It’s a cute little tea shop owned by a lovely young couple named Daniel and Renata Lewis and they specialize in loose leaf teas, while also offering delicious baked goodies, and the most amazing chai latte of your life: the LION Chai. Seriously. It is THE BEST chai latte I’ve ever had…if you’re ever in Brampton, it is a MUST have. If you’re unable to trek it out to B-town, you can still order their delicious loose leaf teas online (I recommend Snow White which is what I mentioned in my Me-Time TAG video) with free shipping on orders over $50.

T by Daniel has entered the ADP Small Business Grant contest which runs monthly until April 30th with a winner every month. They are looking for a chance to win $10 000 to help increase their counter space to meet the demands of their growing business as well as offer more products and services to their customers. All you need is a name and an e-mail address, and you can vote once a day for the entire month.
tbyd2If you haven’t drawn the conclusion already, I am very passionate about local businesses and supporting people as opposed to corporations whenever possible (but I will be the first to point out that the majority of my purchases are at big stores – just so I’m being transparent with you). I love tea, I love T by Daniel, and I hope you will vote and one day try their Lion Chai (and if not…I hope you order some of their teas from their site because they’re delicious!)

T by Daniel is located in downtown Brampton, at 46 Main St N. You can find them online at, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (where the photos above are from) @tbydaniel.

This is not a sponsored post. Please vote! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂


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