Essiebutton & Li0nsmane Waterloo Meetup!

Hello everyone! Today was a whirlwind of a day – but I loved every minute of it! I had some trouble falling asleep last night as I was hyped up on Christmas treats and was excited for today’s meetup. Estée and Aslan of essiebutton/essiebuttonvlogs/theworktop had a meetup at Waterloo Park from 12pm-2pm. It was my 2nd time meeting Estée (first time was back in May) and 1st time meeting Aslan…and it was really nice! A lot less chaotic than the Toronto meetup since it was a smaller group (approx. 60ish people) and everyone was really chill (literally…badum tss!)

I woke up around 8:30am to make sure I had enough time to pop by Bake Sale Toronto to bring more mini cupcakes before heading to Waterloo. Since Aslan didn’t get to try them last time, I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

I arrived just a little bit before noon and everyone was already there. I waited patiently since I felt like giving everyone else a chance to meet them first, and my heart danced when Estée snuck in a “Hi Liz!” in between other fans/viewers.
image_1                           So many people brought gifts for the Youtube power couple!

image (2)                             Even the ducks and geese wanted to meet them.

image_3                             Group hug! They are SO amazingly nice to their fans!
                                          Using Aslan’s back to sign a card!
image_5                    My hair didn’t want to co-operate for this selfie taken by Aslan!
image_6             My Youtube/life role models! 😀 Definitely the best day during the holidays!

I will also be in the vlog of this meetup apparently (thanks SO much Estée for your continuing support) and I was in such a state of combo starstruck/excited/nervous/cold that I will probably come across as a total spacecase but oh well – exposure! 🙂
image_7                 Of course – I had to get my Essiebutton X Eluxe makeup bag signed.

We chatted a bit at the end of the meetup before parting ways, and both Estée and Aslan encouraged me to continue with my channel – which I am totally filming lots for over the holidays. Hopefully the re-design will be live in the new year, so stay tuned for more consistent videos and blog posts!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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