Philosophy Merry and Bright Swag Bag!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to do a quick post about the contents of the goodie bag I received at the end of the Philosophy Merry and Bright Event. If you haven’t checked out my vlog from the evening, please refer to the previous post! 🙂 philosophyI received:
-Sending Holiday Wishes set
-Sugary Cinnamon Icing Body Lotion
-Christmas Cookie 3-in-1 Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath
-Peppermint Stick Hand Cream
-Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for Face and Eyes
-Sugar Sprinkles lip gloss
-Shortbread Cookie 3-in-1 Shampoo/Shower Gel/Bubble Bath
-The Micro Exfoliating Wash
-Hope in a Jar (aka Hope-rah as it’s been one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 8 years in a row)
-*almost* 2GB USB Drive (loaded with press kit info including awesome photos of their holiday products…perhaps I will do a post with some of those soon)

Huge thank you to Dave Lackie as well as Christina and Mary from Philosophy for hosting such a special evening and sending me home with SO many goodies! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and can’t wait to try these babies out!

Have you tried any of these Philosophy products? Let me know what you love from their collection! Thanks for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “Philosophy Merry and Bright Swag Bag!

    • staygorgeous says:

      What have you tried? I used to be mega obsessed with their lip glosses but truth be told, haven’t used much since then. I will definitely be incorporating these into my current routine 🙂

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