Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Hello everyone! Last weekend I attended a bachelorette gathering which involved several different components. I didn’t go out to the club with the ladies, but I did join them for dinner as well as manicures/pedicures at a new Toronto establishment.

Her Majesty’s Pleasure opened up on King Street West just over 2 months ago and it is a mixture of cafe, bar, nail spa, and blowout bar. Wait, what?
image_5I have never been to a place which combines so many things, so I think the concept of HMP is pretty fresh and new (for Toronto, at least.)image_3Their polish selection is pretty impressive, ranging from Essie to Deborah Lippmann, as well as some lesser known (at least to me) brands such as Treat Collection and RGB.
image_2The pedicure room evokes a beach house sort of feel. I opted for a mani but I would love to go back to try out their other services.
image_4The blowout bar concept has really blown up (badum tss!) over the last few years and is becoming a must-have at any beauty-related business.
imageThis was the setup at the manicure counter. I got the signature manicure ($35) which went roughly 30 minutes or so (I didn’t look at the time). Was it the best manicure I’ve ever had? Honestly, not really…to me, it was just okay. While I wasn’t disappointed, the newness of HMP really showed in terms of customer service. One of the ladies in our party was double charged, and after everyone’s services were finished, the employees pretty much disappeared. To be fair, they did JUST open so I’m sure once they hit their stride, this will be a beauty hot spot.
image_1                             “I Know What Boys Like” from Deborah Lippmann

I will definitely go back in the new year to check out the services they are currently working on. Apparently they are looking into massages, facials, as well as makeup application. Her Majesty’s Pleasure seems like the perfect place to have an afternoon of pampering and treats or an evening of beautifying and cocktails. I am excited to see how much they will continue to grow!

Her Majesty’s Pleasure is located at 556 King St. W in Toronto, Ontario. For bookings, please call their concierge at (416) 546-4991.


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