That Time I Met Grace Helbig aka It’s Grace

Hello everyone! I recently had the pleasure of meeting YouTube comedian and everyone’s “awkward big sister” – Grace Helbig. She had a meet and greet/book signing event on Wednesday, October 29th at Indigo Bay and Bloor. I was somewhat conflicted as I wanted to go, but I had work related things to be done. I ended up bringing my laptop with me and completing all of my work while waiting in line for 2(!) hours before the event (thank goodness for wifi!) I got there around 5pm and there were already more than 130 people in line.
This was probably one of the best book signings I’ve ever been to – mostly because the lovely Grace took fans’ phones and proceeded to snap a bunch of selfies with them when it was their turn. I would’ve preferred a bit of personalization in the autograph (all the other authors I have met have written “To/For Elizabeth…” etc) but I still had a fun time.

image_3                                          She is the queen of funny-faced selfies!
image_8                                                     My favourite selfie of us 🙂
image_1 (2)Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up is described as being sort of a how-to guide for millennials and is not only filled with classic Grace Helbig humor, but also helpful tips, worksheets, and really nice advice from Grace’s mom.
image (2)If you’re looking for a good laugh and some helpful life tips along the way, I highly recommend Grace’s Guide to you or yknow…Christmas IS around the corner 😛 OH! Also, go check out her newish podcast: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig if you’re into that kinda thing. Her episode with Flula actually made me laugh out loud over and over again.

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